Inset Baths

View a great selection of Inset Baths and Drop In Baths in our range below. Inset Baths are like standard baths, however, rather than having legs, being concealed or standing alone like freestanding baths, they are built-in to a surface. This could be a protruding surface such as a low-wall, or a built surround or surface. Some people even inset the bath into their floor. An inset bath or drop-in bath is usually recognisable by the fact the top of the bath and rim overhangs the surface, compared to baths where they are covered by panels or the entire bath is visible.

Our range of Inset Baths features a range of sizes to suit your space in both square and oval shaped designs. Inset and Drop-in Baths, like other tubs, also come in single-ended and double-ended options. Browse our full range below today and find a great Inset Bath for your bathroom.