Close Coupled Toilet with Softclose Seat

Shop for a Close Coupled Toilet with Softclose Seat in our collection below. These toilets all feature the close coupled toilet design, which includes a joined all-together toilet pan and exposed cistern in a range of modern and traditional shapes and designs, alongside a softclose seat. A softclose seat is one that moves slowly and quietly and by itself without the need for the user to control it when lifting up or downwards. This also provides additional safety benefits as a result, reducing the risk of trapped fingers and body parts. Some also come with quick release buttons, which means it can be removed easily for hygiene, cleanliness and maintenance.

Many of these close-coupled toilets include the softclose seat as standard or as an optional upgrade with both standard softclose seats and also slimline softclose seats as options. The softclose toilet seats can also come in a range of wood finishes, colours and styles to match your personal preference, bathroom theme as well as your ideal toilet. Find your perfect close coupled toilet with softclose seat below today with a variety of sizes and open-back and back-to-wall options available.