LED Bathroom Mirrors

LED Bathroom Mirrors offer both practicality and style with some truly stunning designs, perfect for bathrooms that don't receive large amounts of light or for those households that want more night-time visibility without using the main light. As an alternative to other illuminated mirrors such as fluorescent bulb lit ones, these bathroom mirrors with LED lights come in a range of designs including individual lights around the mirror or stunning halo or glowing effects for a truly magnificent addition whether contemporary or traditional. Some mirrors also allow the LEDs to be dimmed or changed to a variety of Correlated Colour Temperatures (CCTs) to produce different coloured lights from 2400K upwards.

Many of these mirrors come with additional features like on/off infrared PIRs and touch sensors, heated anti-fog pads and also Bluetooth functionality. Our products also include illuminated shaving mirrors with magnifying functionality, perfect for getting up close and personal. Whatever you need, we are sure to have a design perfect for your bathroom.