Bath Styles

While there are a number of selection options to choose from when it comes to a new bathtub, the primary one to consider is the bath style that will fit into the theme of the space. Choose from stylish modern baths, with minimalist, clean shapes, and available in a broad range of colours. Alternatively, opt for a new traditional bath, ranging from having features like glamorous roll top edges, bun feet, or even a claw foot design. If truly looking for a old-style look, also consider looking at metallic baths such as copper, nickel and tin baths, which bring a nostalgic nod and reminiscence of period style - like Victorian - homes.

Both modern and traditional baths come in a variety of designs including eye-catching freestanding baths to universal straight baths, which can be fitted in and used standalone or combined with a shower of choice. If unsure of where to start, browse through our collection of styles below and get a flavour of what could be included within your budget and home today.