Open Back Rimless Toilets

Browse through our collection of open back rimless toilets with a great selection of both modern and traditional toilets to suit your ideal space. These combine the open back designed pan, which allows for easier access to pipes and for maintenance, as well as cleaning and general hygiene. The bowl of the toilet pan - as the name suggests - also lacks a rim, which is often an area that builds up grime, dirt and bacteria. This features makes it easier to clean the inside of the bowl with simple wiping. Some are also available in different sizes ranging from smaller compact designs suitable for cloakrooms, or with a comfort height toilet design, which has a larger height pan for accessibility and comfort for those with joint and mobility difficulties.

Due to the open-back design, these toilets are often close-coupled toilets or low level, medium level or high level traditional toilets with an exposed cistern connected to the bowl either as one unit or via a pipe. Other toilets generally come with concealed cisterns that sit against a wall or toilet unit so lack the open-back style.