Rimless Toilets

Browse through our selection of Rimless Toilets and choose one for your home today. A rimless toilet, as the name states, is one that has a pan or bowl without a rim. This is the part that usually hangs around the top of the inside of the bowl and where the water flushes out of. It is usually a hiding place for left over and build ups of dirt and grime, as well as bacteria and germs as a result of spots where cleaning hasn't reached or simply has been left over time. As such, a rimless designed pan reduces and even eliminates this with rimless flush technology and an inside that you can simply wipe down and clean easily.

Rimless Toilets are available in a broad range of designs meaning that you can choose one to cater for your preference in style, size and features. This includes rimless close coupled toilets, rimless wall hung toilets and rimless back to wall toilets. We also offer compact rimless toilets if you are searching for a WC that will fit in a small bathroom or cloakroom space.