Demister Bathroom Mirrors

Avoid getting steamed up with one of our fantastic demister bathroom mirrors. Also known as anti-fog mirrors or fog free mirrors, they offer the practicality of a standard bathroom mirror but with heated demister pads, perfect for keeping fog free all year round, especially in cooler winter months when hot showers and baths are more likely to lead to steam and condensation issues . Many are also illuminated mirrors, either with fluorescent bulbs or through LED lights, giving you the additional benefit of extra light, though you can get demister mirrors without these if required. If you want more tech, then why not look at a demister mirror with Bluetooth functionality.

With oblong, square, round and even oval shaped mirrors, we're sure to have a perfect demister mirror for you in our range all available at great prices and from some quality brands including Bathroom Origins, Roper Rhodes and HIB.