Bathroom Cabinets with Shaver Socket

Keep facial and body hair tidy and in check, or simply just shave in comfort as part of a bathroom routine, with a bathroom cabinet with shaver socket. This can come in the form of a 2-pin plug socket or alternatively a USB port (or both), if a shaver can be charged via a USB cable and is usually situated inside or at the bottom of the bathroom mirror cabinet. The USB ports can also double up for other functions other than shaving including charging toothbrushes and accessories, which can also be kept in close proximity with the storage space and shelving provided by the cabinet.

These fabulous additions may also come with other features, such as being illuminated mirror cabinets providing brightness and light into a space, and come in a range of sizes with a wall-mounted standard or fully flush to wall installation with a recessed mirror cabinet providing incredible choice and versatility.