Radiator Sizes

Shop for the perfectly sized bathroom radiator or towel radiator here in this section broken down by the most common and popular widths, ideal for finding the perfect one that will fit seamlessly into your chosen spaces. There are a large number of different radiator sizes to choose from depending on the amount of space you have both from the amount of wall space you have, and also based on the location it is being placed, including some of the most popular radiator and rail widths such as 400mm, 500mm and 600mm. 

Choose from a narrow and thin width with a range of heights, ideal for taking advantage of wall space for adding warmth and drying towels, or if you are looking to make use of smaller spaces or difficult areas such as under windows, we have some wider and shorter height options. All of our different sized radiators are available to install as part of central heating, electric only, and dual fuel systems and available in a plethora of colours to match your bathroom scheme.