Free standing Baths

The very essence of luxury and comfort comes in the form of the much sought-after freestanding bath, which offers both style and Instagrammable appeal, as well as comfort making for a true bathroom centrepiece.

Also known as Stand Alone Baths, a freestanding bath is essentially one that is not fitted or requiring any supports. Coming either with stylish legs or simply resting flat to the floor, the freestanding nature means you don't have to hide the tub in the corner of the room but make it the stand out feature. There are a huge of freestanding styles and colours to choose from with single-ended or double-ended designs including stunning Boat Baths, elegant Slipper Baths, and curvy Roll Top Baths. If you're shopping more modestly then a freestanding shower bath is a compromise between style and practicality, offering a choice for everyone. Check out our full range below and get a freestanding bath today.

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