Semi Recessed Basins

Semi Recessed Basins are sinks that are partially recessed into a work top or surface. They are usually recognisable by the fact the back of the basin sits flush and slotted into the unit, the front of the basin overhangs or is exposed in front of the unit or surface being recessed into. This is different to inset basins where no part of the basin is visible except bowl and rim. Semi recessed sinks are ideal for those who want to retain the look of a basin but also making use of as much space as possible at the same time. They come by a variety of other names as well, including semi countertop, overhang, half inset and half recessed basins depending on the manufacturer.

Due to the way they are installed, there is plenty of versatility and choice with semi recessed bathroom sinks. Whether that is in shape - with round semi recessed basins, rectangular semi recessed sinks and oval semi recessed basins all options - or style and size, there is something to suit everyone. So pick from our modern semi recessed basins or traditional semi recessed basins, large semi recessed basins or small semi recessed basins - whatever you require and preference is - and find a great one for your bathroom today.