Buy a brand new toilet from our range below for your home today, a must-have and essential item for any space. Toilets, or WCs as they are also known, are made up of several parts starting with the toilet pan or bowl, which offers a range of flushing options from a standard one to swirlflush. The pans can also be of varying heights and size including comfort height toilets if you want something more easier to use. The pan will be connected to either an exposed or concealed cistern, depending on the type and if required. Many toilets in our selection also come with accessories such as levers, toilet seats and toilet flush buttons in a broad range of colours and finishes to match the theme and style of your room.

Our range of toilets for sale come in a variety of modern and traditional designs including the most common in close-coupled toilets and wall-hung toilets, while we also offer back to wall (BTW) toilets and short projection toilets as well. Browse through below and visit the categories below to find your perfect toilet to buy today.