1500mm baths have the most spacious length of our compact baths so if you're looking for a quality one that is compatible with a smaller or standard-sized bathroom, then one of these could be perfect for you. With a length of almost 5ft (49 inches), these baths are available with a variety of narrow and wide widths with popular sizes being 1500 x 700, 1500 x 750, 1500 x 800 and 1500 x 850.

We also offer a variety of bath of slightly larger lengths upto 1599mm, including 1510mm, 1550mm and more. Whatever size dimensions you're looking for, the baths in this section come in many gorgeous styles and quality designs perfect for any bathroom space. From glorious freestanding baths, simplistic and practical shower baths, to corner baths, we've got a variety of styles and designs for any taste. And whatever material or colour - acrylic, steel enamel, cast iron or black or white, this range of 1500mm baths is exceptional with some truly stunning tubs from reputable brands.