D Shaped Baths

D Shaped Baths, or D Baths as they are shortened to, feature one straight length and two sides that curve into the front of bath much like the letter 'D'. The straight length edge makes the bath perfect for sitting flush next to a wall, while the curved design can offer space and style benefits. However, not all D Baths have the curve at the front or lengthier end. Some, such as D Shaped Shower Baths, have three straight sides and one curved end.

All of our D Baths come in a range of modern and traditional styles, perfect for if you're looking for something more on trend or that is old style. Our D Shaped Baths include Back to Wall Baths, Freestanding Shower Baths, Single Ended Shower Baths and a whole host of other designs. View our full range below and pick a great D Bath for your space today.