Low Level Toilets

If you are looking for a WC to add a splash of Victorian or Edwardian period style to a home, while retaining a close look of popular toilets then a Low Level Toilet is a great option that ticks both boxes. They feature a toilet pan, often with old-style or more traditional detailing, that is connected via a pipe to a cistern that is wall-mounted. The cistern is mounted at a height of around 1m from floor level, compared to medium level toilets and high level toilets, which are higher up. The cistern itself can come with push buttons or lever handles.

Low Level Toilets and WCs can have pans that are comfort height toilets, offering a larger height bowl that means it is easier to use and offering better comfort for those with mobility issues, while some are also rimless toilets for easier cleaning and better hygiene. Many of these toilets also include optional changes you can make from the toilet seat, including seat handles or changing the style of the lever, offering great flexibility to match your personal taste and preference.