Stone Floor Tiles

If you’re looking to create an opulent feel throughout your bathroom, our range of stone floor tiles are sure to make a statement within your space.

A centuries old practice, stone flooring was once the choice of royalty and the wealthy throughout Europe, thanks to the painstaking manual process of manufacture. But times have changed and modern innovations have made these materials more available and widespread.

However, they can still create a timeless, unique feel when used in the right spaces, especially when each tile can have an invidiual, unique look, even when it's come from the same block of quarried material. This is common for a range of stone tiles popular in bathrooms, from limestone, marble, slate and sandstone.

Adding stone flooring to your bathroom has become a trend over recent years – where it was once a no-go, thanks to water damage and staining, stone tiles are now treated and sealed specifically to defend against such drawbacks.

Because of this, they’ve become a popular choice when it comes to stylish wetroom flooring or shower spaces. Paired with an underfloor heating system, they’re also the height of comfort and luxury and can a bring an unknown depth and literal warmth to both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.