Flat Panel Radiators

Flat Panel Radiators have a minimalist, stylish design featuring a number of heated panels, which as the name suggests, are completely flat and a more contemporary take on tubular or column radiators. The flat panels can be vertical or horizontal facing, just as the radiators themselves can be narrow or wide with a range of heights to suit your space. This not only has an eye-catching appearance but also helps to maximise space by being less bulky than some alternatives, important for bathrooms and smaller living spaces, where space is often limited. These can be all panelled ideal for warming spaces, or broken up with spaces designed as a flat panel towel rail, ideal for drying and keeping towel warm - just as good as their counterparts.

They come in a wide choice of colours aside from white, such as anthracite, black, gold and chrome, and even have can be installed through central heating, electric only or the best of both with dual fuel. Take your pick from our range below and add the perfect flat panel radiator to your space today.