Compact Rimless Toilets

If you have a cloakroom, small bathroom, or just want to use as little space as possible, then one of our Compact Rimless Toilets offers everything you need. These toilets all have a more slimline, smaller outward depth that makes them a great addition to one of these spaces, while they are enhanced further by the rimless design in the toilet pan itself. This area of the toilet bowl is often a nuisance by attracting and retaining dirt, grime and germs and often hard to reach and clean. The rimless design removes this by allowing you to simply wipe and clean around the bowl.

These short projection rimless toilets are available as stylish modern toilets or traditional toilets, and in a broad choice of designs from close coupled toilets with an exposed cistern to wall hung toilets and back to wall toilets, which have a concealed cistern and sit flush against a wall.