Three Hole Basins

A three hole basin refers to the number of tap holes that have been drilled and punched out on the bathroom sink, which in this case is 3. 3 hole basins have - by and large - the highest number of tap holes required on a basin, however, there are a rare few with slightly more to allow you to alter tap positioning. The drilling of three separate holes makes these ideal for 3 hole basin taps, a set comprised of two separate hot and cold water levers, and a separate spout as well.

3 hole bathroom sinks and basins come in a mix of different styles and designs, from wall-hung basins to semi-recessed basins, as well as vanity basins and units. As well as the fitting style, there is also a great choice of sizes, from cloakroom basins to large basins, as well as material, colour and even shape of basin, if you really want to narrow down the choices to one that truly suits your space. Take a look at our full section below and find your perfect 3 hole basin today.