Shower Riser Rails, Rail Sliders & Riser Rail Kits

In our range below, you will find a great selection of shower riser rails and shower riser rail kits. These shower items are wall-mounted and come in both adjustable sliding designs and as rigid risers. Our shower riser kits feature a handset, a rail or riser, and a hose to connect to the plumbing system via an outlet or elbow as part of the rail, or to a separate shower valve.

The adjustable sliding rails are great for family bathrooms where there are users of different ages and can be adjusted for different heights. They are also versatile in that they can be used standalone, or with two outlet systems or three outlet systems, which means it can be paired with a shower system and a bath filler offering variety for everyone. Take a look at our range below in a fabulous range of colours and styles for both modern and traditional bathrooms.