Bathroom Sinks with Built-In Backsplash

More of a traditional feature, bathroom sinks with built in backsplashes, offer a protection against splashing and water droplets on to walls and surfaces, as well as the everyday practicality of a sink for washing, cleaning and maintaining good hygiene. This is through a vertical wall-like barrier, which is designed and integrated into the rear of the basin, which can also be called splashbacks or upstands. This can help reduce the need for as many bathroom tiles - if you're incorporating into a fully tiled wall - or replace the need for a tiled backsplash if that is more your choosing.

These high back bathroom sinks come in a variety of shapes and designs to suit a variety of timeless or classical periods, including rectangular basins and curved basins. Choose from a variety of mounting styles as well, from the popular pedestal basins, semi pedestal basins, and wall hung basins, to stylish washstands. Find yours below in our collection today.