Wall Hung Toilet Frames & Cisterns

If you are looking for a stylish addition to your bathroom then a Wall Hung Toilet Frame can provide a solid mounting for the perfect wall hung and floating toilet. These strong frames are manufactured from metals like steel to help support the heavy weight of the pan, with some offering benefits such as insulation against condensation. This is paired with a concealed cistern, which includes the flushing mechanism and system and that hides away in a wall or toilet unit, providing a clean appearance and a toilet that blends in with the rest of the room. Our range of floating toilet frames are compatible with different configurations and designs of flush buttons from reputable brands in the industry, and some even come as packs with these components included.

You can get both wall hung dual flush concealed cisterns, which offer the ability to switch between a more eco-friendly half-flush and full-flush to help conserve water, or just a single flush unit. These come in a variety of sizes to pair with your ideal wall hung toilet and create your perfect toilet and space.