Dual Flush Toilet Buttons & Plates

Dual Flush Buttons and plates are push button components that are used to flush your toilet and can be wall-mounted or built into the top or front of your WC unit. The dual element refers to the fact that these plates feature two buttons that controls different flush settings, aimed at using less water and being a little more considerate aboutthe environment. The first smaller button releases a small amount of water, or half-flush, into the bowl - usually around 3L - and is intended for less intensive flushing. The second larger button releases upto 6L of water, or full flush, and is for more intensive cleaning of your toilet pan.

They are available as both mechanical flush plates and also pneumatic flush plates, and our range of dual flush buttons features numerous styles, designs and colours for you to choose from including chrome, black flush plates and white flush plates. You can also get several glass flush plates, which feature a glass like sheen over a chosen colour.. Options are available in both portrait and landscape orientations, however, it is important to check the toilet frame the flush plate is accompanying. Browse our full range below and choose your ideal one today.