Marble Floor Tiles

A long-lasting choice for bathroom flooring, marble tiles have always been a popular fixture for those wanting to maximise space throughout their bathroom.

Naturally built to last, marble is a metamorphic rock, formed under intense heat and pressure, which gives it the unique patterns and finishes that make it so popular and because of its natural properties, you can sure that no two marble patterns will ever be the same.

Compared to other materials, such as granite, marble is a fairly soft stone and can be used in mosaic designs, but they’re commonly used as flooring, creating a flow throughout a bathroom and maximising the space, without distracting from fixtures such as freestanding baths or showers.

They also require less maintenance and are easier to clean than many tiles, with a naturally porous finish that can withhold water, but the tiles might require resealing over time to ensure they’re truly watertight.

Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems, marble is a natural conductor and can create a luxurious feature with your bathroom, with practical features as well as striking, unique details.