Slate Floor Tiles

Widely used in bathrooms and shower spaces, slate floor tiles bring a natural, rustic look to your space.

Combining the durability of standard hard tile with the look of natural stone, slate tiles work well with underfloor heating, with the material for radiating heat and avoiding the usual cold touch, especially if it’s used in a bathroom.

They also offer a huge variety of looks, with a number of different finishes available, as well as natural variations that ensure that no two sets of floor tiles will look the same.

It’s also important to ensure that any slate bathroom floor tiles are sealed properly, with the right kind of slate, as some varieties can flake and deteriorate over time. This can be avoided with annual maintenance and regular cleaning and still suits bathrooms where you really want to make a statement.

We have a wide range of stone bathroom floor tiles if you’re after an alternative look, from Limestone to striking Marble tiles that can bring a relaxing aura to any bathroom.