Sandstone Floor Tiles

Sandstone floor tiles can lend a rustic, natural look to your bathroom, creating a naturally textured finish that makes them more slip-resistant than standard floor tiles.

Because they’re manufactured from sedimentary rock, they also feature a unique, tactile finish compared to the pitted surface of travertine tiles or the smooth, clean finish of limestone bathroom floor tiles.

The water absorption of sandstone tiles is higher than many standard bathroom tiles, so be sure to check the water retention rating if you’re considering them in your space and also ensure that you immediately seal the tiles upon installation to help increase slip resistance, as some sandstone tiles are more suited than others for bathroom use.

Sandstone floor tiles also lend themselves to more varied and interesting colours and finishes, with every tile creating a unique look that will set your space apart from the rest.

Alternatively, see our range of stone bathroom floor tiles in Marble, Slate or Limestone varieties.