2024 Bathroom Trends: What Product, Colour & Tile Trends Will Be Popular in the New Year?

2024 Bathroom Trends: What Product, Colour & Tile Trends Will Be Popular in the New Year?
Author: Mark Fullilove
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2023 saw incredible challenges for homeowners and property owners with rising bills, interest rates, and inflation all having a huge impact on both the cost of living and spending habits.

Despite this, the demand for quality and affordable bathrooms continues, and with Springtime typically the hottest period of the year for people to start looking towards New Year renovations, it is time to think about the biggest bathroom trends of 2024 in terms of products, colours, and tiles.

To ponder this question and discuss this hot topic, Sanctuary Bathrooms opened the floor to numerous industry experts, influencers, and interior designers, as well as Nick Hanson, our very own Sales & Design Consultant.

image of an infographic showing all the industry experts commenting for Sanctuary Bathrooms 2024 Bathroom Trends

So, rather than staring wistfully out of the window about missed opportunities from 2023, grab a drink and get comfy, and get excited re-imagining what you can do with your bathroom in 2024 with these ideas. This guide will cover:

Manufacturers are developing new products and features all the time, while trying to cater for a broader range of personal tastes and colour trends. It makes sense, therefore, to focus on the products themselves firstly.

1. Hotel & Spa Style

Not a new prediction or a bolt from the blue, hotel and spa style bathrooms go from strength to strength. As many people look towards creating an environment that provides relaxation and positive effects mentally, it is no surprise that this style tops the list for 2024, especially when looking to replicate extraordinary and memorable experiences in luxury hotels in their own home. Whether it is a stunning freestanding bath, natural, modest tones and colours, marble touches, or elegantly minimalist design, hotel and spa style is one that is still a must-have for the home.

Jeevan Seth, CEO of Just Taps Plus, tells The Journal: “A trend that has been circulating since 2022 and is storming its way through into 2024 is spa-like sanctuaries. We are seeing more designers and consumers incorporating a spa-like feel in the bathroom. It’s a trend that has gained substantial popularity as people are seeking luxurious spaces that encourage self-care.”

As a result of a move towards normality and Covid restrictions behind us, Lanassir Gunton, Director of award-winning Norwich-based Swank Interiors, believes this has played a part in its further growth: “I think with people travelling again after Covid, we have seen a demand for luxury ‘like you find in a hotel’ bathrooms – we are all being inspired by what we see around us.”

Sanctuary Bathrooms’ very own Nick Hanson doesn’t see it stopping either commenting: “The biggest trends have always been the luxury and boutique hotel styles, as well as spa-style bathrooms. We want to bring how these places make us feel home with us. This isn’t going to slow down any time soon.”

2. Coloured Ceramics

image of zero 3 matt green wall mounted toilet

The use of colour has grown significantly over recent years as more people search for a personalised bathroom space. This is something that the industry has adapted to and attempted to dabble in when it comes to ceramics with both coloured toilets and basins appearing. While some colours – like matt black and grey – have remained strong, other contenders remain either niche or have fallen by the wayside. Notwithstanding, experts predict confidently that more muted use of colour is making a return.

Jamie Paradise, Villeroy & Boch’s Retail Sales Manager, states: “The huge past trend of colour ceramic is certainly seeing a resurgence from 30 plus years ago. I would expect this to develop a major second wind in 2024.”

This is also agreed with by Geberit’s Marketing Manager, Sophie Weston, who states that they are also “seeing people experiment more with coloured ceramics, such as olive and taupe.”

And Sanctuary’s Nick Hanson agrees again advising: “One of the biggest trends from this year was the further growth of colour sanitaryware.” Although this isn’t seen as a case for larger bathrooms where people tend to be more risk averse, this is something he says is being seen more in cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms: “As more people turn to more individualised and personal cloakrooms, new colours are coming to the fore because people are braver. This includes greens and blues, and we have seen some of these selling really well.”

Bathroom Brands' Design Team, who design for brands within the group such as Crosswater and Burlington,, also agrees that cloakrooms are where people are bolder: “In smaller cloakroom style spaces in the home, we see rising trends of bolder colours. Homeowners view the cloakroom space as a time to be experimental in colours and patterns leading to bolder, maximalist style spaces.”

3. Fluted and Curved Details

image of crosswater flute wall hung vanity unit

Fluting is a ridge-like appearance that is used decoratively on fixtures and fittings. This particular trend has been slow-burning away over recent years with fluted showers, and now furniture, such as fluted vanity units, being used more and more.

Claire Faulkner (@thatcotswoldclaire), from Your Build & Interior Club, says: “Popular trends we have seen are fluted & curved details such a fluted shower screens & curved sinks which both add a much needed softness to bathrooms which can otherwise be quite harsh & clinical spaces.

Andrea Denison, Marketing Co-ordinator at Barwick Bathrooms, which is a distributor as well of a stockist of their own brands like The White Space, Sommer Showers and Redroom Heating, agrees saying: We believe the trend for fluted products such as ceramics, glass and furniture will continue to grow,” citing their The White Space Pulse patterned countertop basin bowl as just one example of how they are looking to use this trend.

And Bathroom Brands’ Design Team, which includes brands such as Crosswater and Burlington amongst others says this is gathering momentum into other products areas too: “Fluting in wooden forms is continuing to be a strong trend for the past couple of years. We’re still seeing usage in furniture products but now the trend is widening to this form of texture in other metal products in the bathroom, this includes accessories and brassware.”

4. Walk In Showers and Wetrooms vs Baths

image of burlington gold walk in shower enclosure

One of the hottest topics each year is the topsy-turvy trends of showers and baths, and which ones will win the battle in terms of popularity. In 2023, one of the predictions was that wetroom and walk-in showers will continue to grow in demand versus baths. So, is this continuing in 2024?

Sophie Weston, Marketing Manager at Geberit, claims that “wet rooms are increasing in popularity and will continue to do so in 2024. Alongside being much more accessible, wet rooms are also a great option for smaller bathrooms where a bath isn’t required. They’re essentially a stylish, luxurious, and sleek alternative of a walk-in shower, with the added bonus of being much easier to clean.”

At VADO, they have also seen an effect on showering as an experience. Their Product and Marketing Director, Angela Neve, says: we are seeing a movement in customers wanting to elevate the showering experience, “ citing that with technology “it’s easier than ever to achieve the same spa-like, sensory experience, whilst reducing water consumption.”

Villeroy & Boch’s Jamie Paradise says that this change to shower demand is having an affect on buying habits of customers for baths, saying: “Recent feedback from showroom partners is the reduction in bathtubs specifications, and the willingness for an end consumer to remove the bathtub altogether, designing a full walk-in or wetroom showering area instead. This trend is due to the small size of  UK Bathrooms and consumers wishing to create a spacious sanctuary in which to recuperate,“ adding that “wetrooms and walk in shower areas [are] still...popular.” 

5. Compact Freestanding Baths

image of waters ebb 1590 freestanding bath

With British bathrooms being notoriously small, maximising bathrooms as much as possible, as well as space-saving are two common trends. Regarding baths, experts predict this is one area where consumers will downsize.

Space in UK bathrooms has been and will continue to be an issue. While it would once have been unthinkable to add a freestanding bath to a smaller room, we’ve worked hard to create a variety of more compact models,” advises Anthony Smith, Director of Waters Baths of Ashbourne.

The continuing dilemma of creating a sense of space within the home will drive forward space-saving designs which deliver the maximum of luxury within a limited space.

Nigel Palmer, House of Rohl’s (which includes brands like Victoria + Albert and Riobel) Head of Communications Marketing, also notes in their bathroom trends advice that they “have seen increased interest in compact freestanding baths”, adding, “homeowners recognise the health benefits of a bath, and are trying to accommodate them even in smaller bathrooms.”

6. Rimless Toilets

image of villeroy and boch universo rimless wall hung toilet showing rimless bowl

Rimless toilets are cited as helping to clean pans more effectively, while generally being accepted as having the benefit of being easier to clean and avoiding build-up of both germs and limescale. Villeroy & Boch’s Jamie Paradise admits that this combination will see this become the norm resulting in others making other versions almost extinct: “Rimless toilets in the UK market are now becoming the norm with box rimmed variations almost extinct due to the unique selling points of a rimless toilet.”

7. Storage

image of a run of fitted furniture in gloss white with chrome handles in grey marble bathroom

Storage has always been a popular feature and more so as bathroom renovators look to enhance their space, as well as making them look more tidier and homely. Lanassir Gunton of Swank Interiors says: “There has definitely been a move towards more storage in bathrooms with fitted runs of cabinets returning – another move away from minimalist bathrooms.”

8. Minimalist Features

image of geberit smyle square matt lava open storage, wall hung vanity unit and floating shelf

The final product trend area is that of minimalist features. Sophie Weston of Geberit explains that they see this remaining popular in 2024 with “uncluttered spaces, clean lines and simple designs” being popular. “Think floating shelves, wall-mounted vanities and hidden storage to help create a bright and clean space.”

In recent years, there has been a move away from plain and muted colours towards bolder, brighter, and more playful uses of patterns and finishes. So, will this trend of individualism continue, or will 2024 see this return to tried and tested?

The consensus among our survey of experts and influencers is that bathrooms in 2024 are going to be populated with warm tones, creating earthy and welcoming environments by replicating the colouring and materialism pioneered in Scandinavian design. This palette is by no means be limited to your walls and floors but should be achieved by coordinating various complementary finishes across your fixtures and furniture.

1. Botanicals & Natural Woods

(c) Tissino - bathroom showing natural woods and botanicals

Unsurprisingly, the top colour trend of 2024 will be botanicals according to our experts. Tied in with previously mentioned spa bathrooms, this palette of colours includes greens, blues, browns, and whites. This is a scheme that is based on a cross of health and relaxation benefits, and that of the natural world around us too.

Katy Thomas, Product Development Manager at Tissino says their market research has forecast a surge in 2024 for demand of this style of product: “Our market analysis leads us to forecast a notable uptrend in the popularity of natural wood finishes in 2024. The enduring appeal of these finishes is expected to resonate with evolving customer preferences for warm, organic aesthetics.

Anthony Smith from Waters Baths says: “Trends such as biophilic design, the use of natural materials, a neutral aesthetic, and creating a spa-like space that actively enhances a sense of balance and wellbeing all emerged pre-2020 and have continued to grow in popularity.

Wood Tones are also going to be prevalent as part of this scheme with Villeroy & Boch’s Jamie Paradise confirming that he sees: “the wood grain/wood effect colour schemes becoming more popular for sure as they offer that more natural feel to a bathroom and can work well with several earthy tone tile offerings or paint palettes.”

2. Warm Metals vs Chrome

image of just taps plus 3 tap hole brushed bronze wall mounted basin tap

Over the course of previous years, coloured finishes have grown and entered the market with matt black, brushed brass, stainless steel, and now others like brushed bronze and slate being offered. One of the predictions in 2024 is that this is a trend that will continue to grow, particularly with the warmer metals.

Anita de Villiers (@anitadevilliers_interiordesign), Interior Designer at Anita de Villiers Interior Design, advises:  “Warm and muted meals, such as brushed bronze, brass, nickel and even gunmetal, have become very popular.

“Even though chrome taps are still very popular, many clients are preferring these muted finishes which are more luxurious and offer warm natural tones,” before adding, “as these products work well with most bathroom design schemes (traditional and contemporary), and they are more accessible through suppliers with a timeless aesthetic, this choice of brassware will continue to be popular.”

VADO’s Angela Neve agrees by saying: Radiant, metallic colours and finishes bring a distinctive look to a product.

“Whilst gold finishes remain a firm favourite, deeper metallics like VADO’s Brushed Bronze are a growing trend, used to add visual warmth and when paired with rich greens and blues, it delivers a premium look.“

Originally specified to hotels and luxury apartments, they also advise that this has now been extended to be available to all customers: “Brushed Bronze’s popularity is no surprise thanks to its ability to inspire individuality and evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication. A versatile finish that lends itself to a wide range of textures and materials within any bathroom design scheme.”

Despite this, Nick Hanson advises that the newer finish of brushed bronze – which many brands have started offering - surprised him with the hesitancy in terms of demand from customers. “This was a new colour that only started to really be pushed by manufacturers mid-year with the expectation of it selling well as a more traditional look to brushed brass,“ he says.

“In fact, what we saw was that brushed brass remained the more popular colour. It will be interesting to see whether brushed bronze is a slow burner in this regard and starts to take off in 2024, or whether the demand has actually been overestimated.”

3. Matt Finishes and Colours

image of Victoria + Albert Lussari Matt White Freestanding Bath

Many people have preferred gloss finishes over the years because it offers a shiny finish and can help enhance light in the space. By contrast, matt finishes have been given the unfair reputation of dulling colours, and even not offering as good finish.

But recently brands have found ways to use and explore colours that takes advantage of the positives of these elements by making finishes less striking and ‘in your face’, while complementing colour spaces just as much as their glossy counterparts.

Nigel Palmer, Head of Communications Marketing at House of Rohl, comments that: “there is a strong trend towards matt finishes in the bathrooms,” and that the matt finish on their baths offers the benefits of being “velvety to touch, and diffusing the light to create a serene atmosphere in the bathroom.”

Jamie Paradise from Villeroy & Boch also comments on matt finishes by advising that “gloss finishes in bathroom furniture, such as gloss grey or white, have always been popular” but that “consumers are being more adventurous and opting for different colours tones [such as] satin or matt finishes.” He adds that Villeroy & Boch are looking at “slightly condensing down the number of glossy finishes [they] offer while still catering for the market.”

4. Greys, Anthracites and Colour in General

Whether adventurous colour schemes prevail is open to prediction but Jeevan Seth, CEO of Just Taps Plus, believes this to be the case saying that they “have noticed a lot more colour being used in the bathroom.”

One such colour that remains popular both in terms of minimalist and monochromatic schemes, as well as generally in product colour choices, is that of grey and anthracite. Jamie Paradise at Villeroy & Boch comments: “I feel in terms of colour trends and furniture finishes, greys and anthracites have been popular for a few years now.”

5. Brushed Satin

image of The Sussex Range by JIS Arun Satin Radiator

Brushed satin is a finish that is more often used on heating products. Combining a matt colour with a brushed effect, it offers a luxurious and stylish appearance. Richard Thelwell, CEO of JIS Europe, who are one such company to offer this finish, states that they are seeing that they have “an increase in our brushed satin finish”, while also stating that “polished stainless steel finish is still very popular.”

6. Moody and Masculine Colours

image of just taps plus brushed bronze 3 tap hole wall mounted tap in dark bathroom with bronze countertop basin

Sanctuary’s Nick Hanson advises that there has also been a growth in what is seen as ‘moody’ and ‘masculine’ bathrooms. This scheme, he says, “is incorporating darker colours, more accents, and even industrial touches.”

Having covered products and colours, the final stage is to look at one of the most decorative areas of the bathroom with bathroom tile trends for 2024. With a broad choice of colours, patterns, and even sizes available, these can help enhance the aesthetic of the space, as well as bringing in colour into a space. Here are the top tile trends according to the experts:

1. Wood Effects & Wood Panelling

image of shower enclosure with wooden wall panels and matching wooden fluted vanity unit

Following on from our natural section earlier on, it is no surprise that this once again stands out when it comes to bathroom tiles, wall panels, and shower panels.

“The use of natural materials, such as contemporary wood panelling, has been popular and I think this will continue but maybe with varying styles, along with wood effect tiles,” states Lanassir Gunton of Swank Interiors.

Jamie Paradise also follows up on the earlier comments of wooden tones by adding: “I certainly feel this will also coincide with tiles, with the introduction of wood effect tiles and natural tones, i.e. honey oak or dark walnut.”

The natural look is also a huge persuasive factor when it comes to this material, again with the whole theme of a spa-bathroom being prevalent. Sanctuary’s Nick Hanson advises: “wood and natural finishes have seen a growth in line with the spa bathroom styles, especially when it comes to furniture, and backdrops like panelling and tiles. Many people like that whole outside-in feel, and so I can see it having more of a resurgence and growth next year.”

2. Earthy and Natural Tones

close up image of ca pietra willow porcelain by clarissa hulse green tiles

Along with the wood look, earthy and natural tones in tiles will also be used to highlight the biophilic trend of bathrooms.

Villeroy & Boch’s Jamie Paradise advises: “natural earthy tones will continue to be popular in 2024 from both a tile and bathroom furniture perspective.”

Jeevan Seth, of Just Taps Plus, adds: “In terms of colour palettes in the bathroom, it’s now more important than ever to have an association with the outdoors in our interiors - and this does not stop at the bathroom. Soft greens, warm browns and gentle terracotta tones create a calming and natural ambiance that evokes a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Waters Baths’ Anthony Smith, meanwhile, believes that we will see this as part of a “continuation of soothing, soft, natural neutral shades, organic forms and materials, earthy textures and elemental colours that create a sense of calm, space and luxury.”

3. Warmer Colour Tiles

image of ca pietra marlborough terracotta handmade hexagon tiles

One of the recurring trends from our experts and influencers was that of warmer colours in terms of tiles. Moving away from colder colour schemes such as greys and blues, many predict a move towards browns, reds, and oranges.

Sophie Weston from Geberit states “we’re expecting people to continue stepping away from cooler tones and look to incorporate warmer hues into their homes, such as deep reds and terracotta tones.”

This is something that Claire Faulkner of Your Build & Interiors Club agrees with: “as we head into 2024, I expect to see popularity increase in earthy tones such as warm terracottas and beautiful burnt oranges,” while Nick Hanson adds “from a colour perspective, I think we’ll see a move back towards warmer colours and tones” before further commenting “there is something to be said about warmer backgrounds, as well as how it lends itself well to more homely and rustic feels.”

This is something that people are doing as part of a move towards more pattern and colour according to Swank Interiors’ Lanassir Gunton: “people want to feel comfortable in their homes now, and are looking at warm textures and matt finishes.”

Ca’ Pietra’s, Head of Creative, Grazzie Wilson, agrees that browns are in for 2024: “Right now, it’s all about brown bathrooms. The Ca’ Pietra community is going crazy for them in all their warmth and woody glory, so if you want a slice of the chocolate-y bathroom pie. Take a look at terracotta, warming limestone and marbles with brown veining for inspiration.”

4. Marble

image of ca pietra marble luxe porcelain bellissimo and rhino tiles

Tying into the luxury hotel and spa feel is marble finishes and tiles. With a wide array of coloured veining, and different types of marble – both real and faux effect – a glamorous look can be created in many spaces.

Emilie Fournet (@emiliefournetinteriors), Interior Designer and owner of Emilie Fournet Interiors, emphasises: “stones and marbles are here to stay. They are such timeless finishes that they transcend any trends. They also cover the various current trends of natural finishes and also the more luxe/spa-like trend.”

Nick Hanson believes that honed marble will be the standout trend of 2024: “the final one [tile trend] is honed marble. Marble has always been a popular choice because of the luxury look and feel, and the unique patterning and veining in the pieces.

Meanwhile, VADO’s Angela Neve advises: “Whilst Marble has been a statement feature in bathroom design for many years, we are expecting to see a resurgence of marbled stone and veined motifs used to create abstract surface dimension. Marble is an organic addition that can transform the bathroom environment, creating a statement with alternative-coloured marbles such as verde, blue sodalite and black portoro.”

5. Textured Tiles

image of travertine tiles in a bathroom with golden brown wood furniture and inset bath

The use of textures will also move into bathroom tiles in 2024, again trying to maximise many of the natural style looks that appeal to people.

“Textures will also be something that homeowners continue to bring into their homes, especially those that are natural such as wood and slate,” advises Sophie Weston.

Agreeing, Nick Hanson adds that the industry “will also see a growth again of complementary tile textures such as natural stone finishes and warmer travertine” before adding that porcelain imitation travertine is especially one catching the eye as it has “a simple, rustic feel and look to it particularly with beige and brown colours.”

6. Terrazzo

image of ca pietra piazza porcelain geo pearl terrazzo tiles

The final trend that Nick Hanson believes will be popular this year is Terrazzo. This mixture of marble-chippings embedded in cement is an iconic design that has adorned homes for generations.

“From a wider bathroom perspective, terrazzo-style tiling is really popular at the moment and has been for a while. This is due to its availability in a number of different colours, and its ability to complement a variety of different bathroom spaces from modern to simple Mediterranean styles.

“Due to the incredible versatility it offers, it can durable and long-lasting both from a material and from a trend perspective. Financially porcelain imitation terrazzo style can be more affordable than others.”

Grazzie Wilson at Ca’ Pietra, agrees that people are going crazy for Terrazzo: “This Italian superstar tile is one that has never fallen out of fashion across the globe, bringing its speckled stone good looks to walls and floors in homes of all eras. This autumn we introduced a new terrazzo collection to Ca’ Pietra and in 2024 we’re further adding to it with some gorgeous new colours.”

7. Herringbone Tiles

image of herringbone floor tiles in white marble

(c) Palio Express by Karndean

Herringbone is a format of laying brick-shaped tiles against each other in a diagonal pattern that is reflective of the backbone of a herring fish.

This is something that Barwick Bathrooms’ Andrea Denison thinks will make a resurgence in 2024.

Herringbone floors have made a big comeback recently. The latest Herringbone floors provide timeless style but with modern wooden and stone finishes. Herringbone floors lend themselves perfectly to a modern or traditional bathroom”

As trends come and go, there will always be a few that fall by the wayside. While many experts feel that many trends will remain the same, Lanassir Gunton from Swank Interiors advised that they have seen a fall in demand for electric underfloor heating.

I have already seen a drop in Electric underfloor heating and tiled floors with luxury vinyl tiles being popular due to their warmer feel.”

Meanwhile, interior designer Anita de Villiers believes that some manufacturers have tried expanding taps and faucets into a series of colourful finishes to be different, and that this hasn’t really taken off.

“In 2023, some brands introduced coloured brassware ranges…which showcase some modern bathroom taps in bright green, blue, yellow, white as well as black and chrome. Other ranges have combined standard chrome taps with options of colourful handles, offering taps that can co-ordinate with bathroom schemes.  

“This trend has not taken off, primarily because bathroom brassware should be of the highest possible quality and is an investment that must have longevity.”

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the trends for 2024. Meanwhile, you can read last year's trend guide from 2023, as well as previous years in 2021 and 2022 here: