Bathroom Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Lifestyle image of a Hotel style bathroom, featuring glass shower screens separating a wet room areas with twin wall mounted showers and a freestanding bathtub
Author: James Roberts
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Has the last year had you looking for a change to your bathroom? With another year almost complete, if you want to find out what colours are key right now or whether to choose a shower enclosure or a bathtub,  then carry on reading to find out the biggest bathroom trends of 2022 straight from manufacturers and people across the industry.

From nature-inspired trends to bold colours and timeless looks that will last a lifetime, you’re sure to be inspired with these on trend bathroom ideas for your next renovation.

Let Inspiration Strike Where You Least Expect It

Bathrooms are difficult rooms to keep on trend with. With a living room or a kitchen, for example, you can swap out sofas and storage for years to come and keep your layout the same. Bathrooms can hinge entirely on the placement of a single object, from a tap finish to a freestanding bath or a shower enclosure, the possibilities are endless.

Tastes can also change and that bright orange shower tray might not be fun to look at a year from now. Striking that balance between practicality and cutting-edge design can be difficult. Along with that, the pandemic has got everyone thinking about their personal spaces more, searching for more inspiration, and creating a more homely environment. So whether it is nature-inspired trends or bold colours and timeless looks that will last a lifetime, you’re sure to be inspired with these on trend bathroom ideas for your next renovation.

What Were The Big Bathroom Trends of 2021?

Firstly, we have looked at the trends from last year and reviewed some of the predictions made in our 2021 trends blog post, which ones came true or didn’t and also which ones are likely to continue into 2022.

Spa Bathrooms

This past year bathrooms have become more of a sanctuary than ever before. With many of us still working from home, we’re all looking for an escape and our bathrooms have finally become that peaceful retreat from ‘reality’ that we all need occasionally.

With this, there’s been an increase in the spa inspired bathroom trend. Utilising our bathrooms for relaxation rather than practicality, with freestanding baths as a focal point and large wet room spaces or shower enclosures that allow us to have a truly relaxing moment to ourselves after a busy day.

This is a viewpoint shared by Darren Allison, Managing Director at BC Designs: “(Spa bathrooms) certainly aren’t going anywhere! People are investing in their homes and want to create their own place to escape and what better way than creating your very own spa in your home. It can also bring in other trends, such as large marble tiles, brushed brassware and double basins and showers, which naturally fit into the overall aesthetic of spa bathrooms.”


Minimalism has also become a huge bathroom trend recently. Storage solutions that help declutter, from baskets to spacious, modern vanity units, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is key to making the most of your space. As well as that, paring down your bathroom to the essentials – a toilet, vanity, bath or a shower – can help create a versatile, contemporary look that can impress even without all the bells and whistles.

Colourful Finishes

Strong finishes are also a popular choice. Matt Black and Brushed Brass bathroom fixtures, in everything from taps to shower enclosures have become a major bathroom trend in 2021. Last year, they were considered a kind of ‘niche’ product, but as demand rose, many manufacturers offered products that matched with darker tones to accommodate their popularity.

Merlyn Showering found that Matt Black became one of their most popular finishes “Matt Black is a modern classic and if you want a more striking finish with a bold focal point, Matt Black shower frames and fixtures can achieve this with warmer tones of grey, against the crisp white of the ceramics, giving your bathroom a real statement piece.”

Bathroom colour trends are still on the side of bright and bold where it counts, though, with many interiors opting for bright colours, making a statement with freestanding bath in a unique finish or creating a feature wall.

Emma Joyce, Brand Manager EMEAA at House of Rohl (parent company of Victoria & Albert, Perrin & Rowe, Riobel & others), sees this as a trend that will only continue into 2022 “There’s been a definite rise in homeowners wishing to bring colour into their bathroom. There has been a shift away from utilitarian white bathrooms into those with a little more colour and personality to them and we anticipate this trend will continue well into 2022”

She’s even got a few tips if you’re looking for inspiration “Try opting for a bold colour on a freestanding bath or basin, these contrast brilliantly against lighter tiles or walls. Those who are apprehensive by the prospect of bright colours have injected small pops of colour through a subtle pastel bathtub or paint colours with lighting, soft furnishings and accessories.”

What Are the 2022 Bathroom Trends?


Product Lifestyle image of the Victoria and Albert Eldon Back To Wall Freestanding Bath

With a renewed focus on minimalism and simplicity in bathrooms, it’s a certainty that “Japandi” inspired bathrooms will only become a bigger bathroom trend in 2022.

While they’re two looks that you wouldn’t think go together, they’re both rooted in minimalism and practicality, combining the traditional elements of Japanese design with rustic, Scandinavian décor. Simplicity is key.

A scheme of contrasts, according to Merlyn, who share the enthusiasm for Japandi in 2022 “The trend is defined by contrast, particularly the cool, neutral tones of Scandinavian design and the eye-catching shades used in Japanese décor.”

Accented with Matt Black fixtures and brassware, a neutral colour palette is needed for your bathroom to really pull it off. The spa bathroom trend is also an inspiration, with a relaxed tone and a connection to nature, with a heavy use of wood – whether it be in tiles, bath panels or feature walls – that makes this a bathroom trend to watch out for in the next 12 months.

Biophilia & bringing the outdoors in

Prodcut Lifestyle image of the BC Designs 1500mm Copper & Enamel Freestanding Boat Bath surrounded by houseplants in vases and wicker baskets

One of the key interior design trends predicted – not only for bathrooms – is biophilic design. Bringing the outdoors in, to an extent, with plenty of plant life and greenery that will make your bathroom feel like a hideaway, especially if it’s the only room with a lock on the door.

Incorporating green plants and succulents – even artificial plants will do the trick – will add texture to your bathroom without the need for a full renovation. This look can also work with a range of bathroom fixtures – bold colours needn’t be on your mind, with Gloss White baths, toilets and vanity units really standing out when surrounded by plant life or even wood-effect flooring and tiles.

Merlyn suggest that the benefits to this aren’t just visual “(biophilic design) can help create a calm and relaxing bathroom, as well as support cognitive function, boost physical health and psychological well-being”

Trending Bathroom Colours in 2022

Product Lifestyle image of the BC Designs Omnia 1615mm Freestanding Bath painted mint green

Image credit: Little Greene

In contrast to the bold, bright colours that are on trend now, some manufacturers are seeing an increase in demand for more subdued tones, with predictions for green shades, brown tones and more earthy looks to be popular in the year ahead.

Emma Joyce from House of Rohl also, feels like this is only the beginning: “Calming and optimistic colours are set to take the interior industry by storm. With off whites, gentle sages and warm blues, 2022 seems to be continuing the theme of making our homes cosy and comforting. Furthermore, we anticipate that natural hues with brown tones and warm greens will also take the spotlight, as the desire to maintain our newfound love affair with the outdoors continues…”

Coloured ceramics, while before seen as dated and old fashioned, are also set to come back, with a number of manufacturers offering bespoke, colour on demand finishes that can be set to your specific tastes.

David Garner, Retail & E-commerce Manager, at Villeroy and Boch says the brand have seen a great demand for their Colour on Demand freestanding baths, with customers looking to match a piece of furniture, paint or tile.

“More vibrant colours being added to the bathroom has been a huge trend that has surprised us, but coloured ceramic is one trend I see returning with a vengeance…maybe not avocado green or whisper pink, which were so popular in the 80’s and 90’s, but we are already starting to see a large demand for statement coloured ceramic basins and even WC’s. our recently launched Loop & Friends range of basins come in Matt Ebony, Graphite and Almond are made to complement our Legato furniture range with some exciting finishes.”

Natural Materials and Fixtures

Product Lifestyle image of Ca' Pietra Linara Marble Honed Tiles

As well as colours and more greenery in your bathroom, there’s also a feel for a more natural look in your space. Whether it’s wood tones and fixtures, stone effect tiles, feature walls or even artificial moss walls, if you’re really looking to make a statement.

Creative lead at Ca’ Pietra, Grazzie Wilson, is already seeing the latest bathroom tile trends in action: “From marble-effect to onyx-effect, this season wonderful stone effect patterns make their mark in the world of tiles. As stone effect tiles typically come in materials including porcelain and ceramic, it makes them more affordable than the real deal. We have found that innovations mean that porcelain stone effect tiles look so incredible that they have a premium look. Porcelain stone effect tiles in particularly are incredibly practical, especially when used in bathrooms, shower spaces or walk-in wet rooms, they also help to create a luxurious look.”

Nick Graville, Sales & marketing Director at Kudos Showers also sees the possibilities of the natural bathroom trend: “I think that we will see neutral palettes, coupled with natural finishes & bold accessories continue well into 2022 – marble, slate and wood are going to continue to feature heavily.”

Mix and Match - Traditional and Modern Fixtures Together

Transitional design was a big bathroom trend for 2021, with customers mixing and matching taps with modern basins or vanity units, mainly due to their unique look and the contrast between the various finishes, such as modern bathrooms taps in mostly traditional finishes – brushed brass and gold – becoming very popular in recent years.

Darren Allison at BC Designs is convinced that the modern period with reign with bathroom trends in 2022, but with some exceptions: “This trend is about how you successfully combine the two styles. Consumers are more informed in what they love and want and are also willing to take more risks when it comes to their bathroom design, to create something truly unique. The secret to making it work is in the mix. Just remember, opposites attract! Traditional bath with modern and sleek faucet. Period faucets with a modern shaped sink.

He offers more inspiration if you’re willing to take the plunge: “Our top product for making it work is a painted boat bath. The classic shape adds the traditional element, while painting it can bring on-trend colours like inky blue that are popular in the 21st century into your bathroom. Another great marriage is a claw-foot bath which sits alongside modern brassware such as freestanding floor mounted taps. It is a combination that effortlessly works together and can help to tie in the rest of the room depending on what else you’ve chosen.”

This idea of adapting and mixing different looks is also something that Paul Wells, Showroom Manager here at Sanctuary Bathrooms, thinks could potentially overshadow previous trends, with increased demand for more modern looks, “Heavy, industrial-type trends are being adapted and refined to have a slightly more modern touch like those with knurled handles and heads. Industrial was brought out with a fanfare but it has proven to have a bit more of a niche demand to it.

Dual Showers, Basins & Vanity Units

Lifestyl image of a double washbasin unit with marble countertops

Since lockdown had us spending a lot of our time at home by ourselves, we’ve all realised the importance of our own space. Sharing a bathroom is par for the course, especially if you’ve got a busy school run or are preparing for a night out.

Anything to make it that bit easier is always welcome, which is why there’s been a trend in people installing double basins and showers, which lend themselves nicely to the recent spa bathroom trend.

It’s something that’s sure to keep going during 2022, with people more inclined to create spacious, relaxing bathrooms where everyone can have their own space and take their time, creating a luxury bathroom staple with ease, creating a bold statement for both modern and traditional bathrooms.

Are Bathtubs Going Out of Style?

Product Lifestyle image of Merlyn 8 Series Wetroom Shower Wall

While they’ll always have a place in bathrooms all around the world, the humble bathtub has become something of a novelty, with many opting for showers and wetroom spaces instead.

Whether it’s a time-saving tactic or you’re looking to make the most of your space, especially if it’s an ensuite or guest bathroom, many manufacturers are creating shower enclosures that are as eye-catching as any bath, in timeless finishes that will stand the test of time.

Recently, the showers themselves have also caught up, with fixed, spacious shower heads in both traditional and modern finishes – from Brushed Brass to Matt Black and everything in between.

Merlyn are standing by their ever-popular Matt Black enclosures that can go with a wide range of looks: “Black shower enclosures and shower doors are more accessible than ever and we see this trend continuing long into the future. (Matt Black shower enclosures) will give your bathroom a real statement piece, especially if you seek out long-lasting and durable coatings, with concealed fixings and toughened safety glass, this will ensure that the design lasts a lifetime.”

Wet rooms and shower floors are also becoming a popular bathroom trend for 2022, with customers looking to make the most of a larger bathroom and create a truly modern centrepiece that’s sure to impress. As well as that, manufacturers have created various solutions that cut down on installation times, especially useful at a time where plumbers and installers are backed up with customers due to previous lockdowns.

Nick Graville at Kudos sees this a huge trend for the future “We’re expecting to see an increase in level access/ wet room sales in 2022. Wet floors/ wet rooms are a great way of maximising the space that you have available and enable you to completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. Innovations in materials and technology mean that they’re becoming easier to install and in some instances, as with our Aqua4ma evolution system, being able to tile on the same day as installation speeding the process up overall.”

Paul Wells at Sanctuary Bathrooms agrees, suggesting that customers are opting for convenience, as well as the versatility that a wet room or walk-in shower can bring to a bathroom interior: "More people are also choosing to go for walk-in showers and wetrooms over baths too, while also moving away from smaller cubicles to much bigger and larger enclosures. This is matched with colourful and patterned tiles that can create a stunning feature wall or backdrop. It doesn’t mean the death of the bath but there is certainly more of a slowdown over the last few years, as people are starting to think for themselves more than for others. People have such fast lives that showers are a convenience but the luxury and eye-catching freestanding baths will always have a market.”

Now you’ve seen our predictions for some of the biggest bathroom trends of 2022, why not get in touch us via social media or let us know what your bathroom trends are going to be? If you’re after some ideas, with our bespoke 3D bathroom design service available if you’re really looking to get inventive.