15 Bathroom Colour Scheme Ideas For Suites of All Sizes

Product Lifestyle image of two Heritage Holywell 1710mm Stainless Steel Effect Freestanding Acrylic Single Ended Baths
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Bathrooms help us escape the manic pressures of everyday life. This means that a bathroom colour scheme is one of the biggest home decorating conundrums that a homeowner can face.

A bathroom colour scheme needs to project the right vibes: to allow us to relax, providing the escapism that is needed in our oasis of calm. There’s nothing wrong with projecting personality – in fact, being unique is becoming trendy in interior design. However, you must balance that with longevity to avoid the risk of investing in a colour scheme that you end up growing to hate. You also have to weigh up many other considerations including lighting, bathroom size, and location. Given that the fixtures and fittings are often bought to fit the scheme, it can be a big expense so taking the time to get it right is well worth the effort.

Similarly, if you’re redecorating, remodeling or renovating to sell your home, it may be worth considering if it is worth the huge investment. Also, another question is whether to be more conservative in colour scheme choices in case the next person wants to make it their own. After all, when one person loves the avocado bathroom scheme of past generations, it might not be a popular choice for others.

In order to avoid getting yourself tangled up with colour charts and confusion, and to provide much needed inspiration, we have collated some of the best bathroom colour schemes, from simple to daring.

Bathroom Colour Scheme Ideas & Inspiration

1. White Shades

Product Lifestyle image of Frontline Onyx Matt Black Walk-In Shower Enclosure

White décor has almost become a bit of a taboo in recent years, yet it is still the simplest and most flexible bathroom colour. It is durable, long-lasting and provides a great base to work from when pairing with other colours, whether it be other neutrals or brighter colours. This makes white an excellent choice for a bathroom suite and the adaptable palette is great when it comes to interior design.

2. Grey

Lifestyle image of a grey themed bathroom, featuring a round grey bath mat, grey painted and panelled walls, grey washbasin unit and a grey soap dish

Grey has grown considerably over the last few years in terms of a trend and is riding the crest of a wave. Like other neutral colours, it matches a broad range of colours such as white, black, blues and even reds, if you want to be adventurous. It also opens the doors for other finishes for taps, showers and even bathtubs away from the usual chrome, such as brushed bronze and copper. In terms of emotion and colour psychology, grey isn’t the most exciting colour, but it’s neutrality can enhance the other elements of your bathroom.

3. Monochrome

Lifestyle image of a monochrome themed bathroom, featuring black and white floor tiles, white chevron style wall tiles, matt black raditator and chrome plated brassware

Monochromatic is another trending theme – essentially covering your bathroom in shades of one colour, it is a simple idea when it comes to a bathroom colour scheme. It guarantees that everything will match, creating a harmonious look. It also opens the door to different patterns, textures, and creative designs. White, greys, beiges and blacks are popular but recently shades of blues, greens and even pink are becoming more noticeable. It creates a clear idea of the room, meaning you can match your bathroom fixtures to the colour and style.

4. Purple

Product Lifestyle image of a Merlyn Walk-In Shower Enclosure with Vertical Post

Colours don’t have to be bold and brash, yet a strong colour can really make your bathroom stand out. Purple is one of these colours and can work really well when paired with whites and pinks. In terms of colour psychology, purple is associated with luxury and royalty so if you’re looking for a regal look then this is the colour for you. Matching purple with brassware can provide a stylish, traditional look.

5. Pink

Lifestyle image of a built in bath surrounded by pink walls

Pink, like purple, doesn’t have to be in your face to make a statement and the wide variety of shades provides a huge variety of options, from blush pink to fuchsia. A baby pink can provide a calming effect and be a subtle touch of colour without being too overboard. However, like purple, a strong pink paired with other, lighter colours can make a real feature of your bathroom.

6. Blue

Product Lifestyle image of Ionic by Merlyn Essence 8mm Hinge and Inline Panel Shower Door

Blue is a naturally calming and cooling colour, while also claimed to benefit productivity. If you’re after a space that provides inspiration as well as helping you relax, then blue may be the one for you. It is also evocative of the sea and the beach so if you’re looking for a style more reminiscent of these then pick blue. The rich variety of blues available pair well with a number of finishes and colours including metallics, greens and lighter tones.

7. Green

Product Lifestyle image of a botanical green bathroom comprising of Crosswater products, featuring dark green walls, a wall mounted toilet, a wall mounted wooden washbasin cabinet, a radiator with a green towel and a potted house plant

Green is reminiscent of health and wellbeing, so it’s arguably perfect for a bathroom, where we want to escape and relax. Pairing it with whites and wooden tones like bamboo can make your bathroom feel spa-like. Perfect for a relaxing soak in a bathtub, watching time go by.

8. Yellows

Product Lifestyle image of Crosswater Svelte 8 Single Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Bright, cheery and warming, yellow is a naturally inviting colour, perfect for when you come home after a hard day. As it is a primary colour, it works well with both darker and lighter colours. Consider yellow and white together, or if you’re more daring, yellow and blue.

9. Black & White

Lifestyle image of a black and white themed bathroom, featuring black marble floor tiles, white marble wall and black granite wall tiles, matt black washstand, white ceramics and matt black brassware

Opposites attract and black and white does just that. Black taps and showers are becoming more prevalent in bathrooms, so this works well with both contemporary and traditional schemes. Black is a mysterious and powerful colour but paired with white it can create a really elegant and striking space, which you can make intimate and cosy with a wide variety of accessories.

10. Add Marble Effects

Lifestyle image of a bathroom with white marble wall tiles around its freestanding roll top bath

Marble effects are a timeless and elegant addition for bathrooms. Marble tiling is easy to clean, and from a visual point of view provides a look similar to a luxury hotel style or spa. However, it does require some maintenance and research though, and because of its absorbent nature is more suited for non-family bathrooms. It also may not be the most sustainable choice if you’re going greener and eco-friendly. If you’re after the look without the pitfalls, marble wallpaper could be a practical alternative.

11. Geometric

Lifestyle image of a bathroom with lilac geometric wall tiles

If you’re not into plain, block colours and want to add extra striking elements into your bathroom scheme, think about patterns and geometric designs. This works really well with monochromatic suites since you can incorporate and blend many different shades into one space. It is also mentally stimulating and makes a great feature wall.

12. Orange

Lifestyle image of an orange theme bathroom, featuring orange floor tiles and orange painted walls

Perhaps not the most conventional of choices but certainly one of the most daring, orange is a warming, vibrant colour. Often associated with the Tropics, desert climates, and Autumnal feels too, orange is a real power colour providing emotions of happiness. Despite this, orange needs to be used one of two ways – all in or sparingly. If you’re going all in, then you need to consider that you’re going to have to live with it and be conscious that it could potentially overpower the fixtures and fittings. Alternatively, use a hint of orange around the room and work it into the bathroom colour scheme, instead of it being the focal point.

13. Dark and Mysterious

Lifestyle image of a dark themed bathroom, featuring a black painted boat bath, black chevron style floor tiles, black painted panelled walls, dark grey wallpaper and a black painted framed mirror

Make a knock-out traditional bathroom by going dark and mysterious. This rugged look is perfect for more heritage and period looks. Lighting can be an issue, but with the right tones it can become a really cosy and stylish area of the home, much to the envy of friends and family.

14. Floral & Fauna

Lifestyle image of a floral themed bathroom, featuring a pink painted boat bath and floral wallpaper

Bring nature into your bathroom with a floral bathroom scheme. It doesn’t have to be excessive and could be more of a one wall solution as opposed to the entire bathroom. Not only is it more bold by adding lots of vibrant colour into the space but it also provides plenty of options for colour matching and pairing.

15. Exposed Brick

Product Lifestyle image of two Heritage Holywell 1710mm Stainless Steel Effect Freestanding Acrylic Single Ended Baths

If you have the possibility to do so, why not go for a more industrial or rugged look with exposed brickwork in your bathroom. Firstly, brick is low maintenance and extremely weatherproof (which makes it good for bathrooms with the moisture present), so there are plenty of benefits. It could also make for a striking feature in your room, especially when paired with lighter colours. It also works really well with metallic tones so if you’re searching for something different, then it is worth exploring.

Researching Bathroom Colour Scheme Ideas

It is worth taking the time to look into both bathroom themes, colour schemes and ideas. Check out colour wheels, colour charts and colour psychology too, in order to get an idea of what may work for you. Also, make sure to bear in mind lighting and really get a feel for how colours may look in the room. Ultimately, however, the key takeaway is don’t be afraid of mixing things up and being different or adventurous. A splash of colour can really enhance bathrooms of all sizes, family bathrooms or personal en-suites.

What is your favourite colour scheme? Do you have a favourite? Let us know by sharing your bathroom colour scheme on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with us.