VitrA Bidet Toilets

Add a more premium touch with a VitrA Bidet Toilet, which includes everything from a manual Bidet Toilet, all the way up to an electrically-installed smart VitrA Bidet Toilet. These toilets include the continental touch of in-built bidet functionality, used to help maintain great personal hygiene with washing after toilet use, while eliminating the need for separate toilet and bidets providing extra space in your bathroom. Bidet functionality can also have environmentally-friendly benefits by reducing the usage of toilet paper, both in manufacturing and purchasing of it, as well as any impact it can have on plumbing.

VitrA's range of bidet toilets includes their Aquacare range, a more affordable option, which is operated by a valve on the side of a toilet. Alternatively, invest in a more premium option with their VitrA V-Care collection, which includes features ranging from remote-controlled washing features to suit all sexes, a heated seat, and even cleaning functionality settings.