VitrA V-Care Toilets

The pinnacle of modern design and innovation, the VitrA V-Care range of shower toilets offers an array of smart technology features for the ultimate hygiene experience.

Combining the simple practicality of a toilet and bidet together, not only are they space-saving without need for separate items, it also means an enhanced personal hygiene and cleaning experience. Connecting to an electric supply, these toilets come with everything from seat warming, to various washing options to suit and provide specific needs for all genders, as well as after-use cleaning features, all of which can be controlled by a remote control. Specific models also include other additional enhanced features depending on your budget.

Available in either floorstanding or wall-mounted designs, there is something to suit every taste, and their size is similar to normal WCs meaning the space required isn't significant. Often found in high-end or boutique hotels, these premium toilets bring a superb experience into the home.

An additional benefit of V-Care toilets is that they help promote being more environmentally friendly with the washing functions reducing the need for toilet paper usage.