If you're looking for a delightful bath that offers size, comfort and style then look no further than our 1900mm baths (or 1900 baths by short). While a lot of these baths measure in at the lowest length and more common length of 1900mm (6ft 2in), we also offer a number of baths with slightly larger lengths, for example 1910mm. These baths also have a mix of widths to choose from, including our most common 1900 x 800 baths and 1900 x 900 baths.  As large baths, 1900mm+ baths are generous with space providing your room to relax into, while offering affordable quality and reliability.

Our range of 1900mm-1999mm baths includes square baths that can be fitted or inset, roll top freestanding baths, and stunning contemporary designed single-ended freestanding baths. All of the baths measuring in at this size are made from materials such as acrylic, stone resin or steel enamel, providing great choice and selection to suit your needs. View our range below and find your 1900mm bath today.