Browse through all of our 1800mm baths below and find a fantastic one for your space. We have numerous design to choose from to suit all kinds of bathrooms and spaces. Measuring in at a length of 1800mm (5ft 10in), these baths provide a spacious bathing experience for you to relax into with a range of widths available to choose from as well. This section also features baths of sizes all the way up to 1899mm, including the select number of 1850mm baths if you're looking for something slightly larger.

Available in materials such as acrylic, steel enamel, stone and even cast iron, there's a broad range to choose from to suit both modern and traditional spaces. Whether you're looking for a simple and contemporary shower bath or square bath, or a more grander and eye-catching freestanding bath, there's something sure to suit your tastes below. Check out what we have to offer below - including baths with common dimensions such as 1800 x 800 baths - and buy a great 1800mm bath today.