9 Best Plants For Your Bathroom

Close up image of spiky air plant on a rock
Author: James Roberts
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A touch of green in a bathroom can bring the space to life – whether it’s a smattering of tiny fauna on your vanity unit, or an impactful tree-like plant that sits in the corner of the room – greenery is a sure fire way of giving your space a welcoming, holistic mood.

Why Are Bathrooms Good For Plants?

The reason most bathrooms present such a good environment for plants is moisture. Frequent showers will provide the misting and humidity that many of the low-maintenance plants detailed below require to thrive. These plants are also accustomed to low or indirect sunlight, so will be able to cope with a smaller bathroom without a large window.

Air Purifying Plants For The Bathroom

Certain plants not only look great, they will actively improve the purity of the air in your bathroom. Air purifying plants can help cut down on mould caused from excess moisture and give what’s sometimes a small, stuff environment a breath of fresh air.

1. Air Plant

Close up product image of a spiky air plant on a rock

About as low maintenance as a houseplant could be, air plants will grow using only the humidity from your bathroom and won’t even require watering. Hailing from South America, simply spread a few of these beautiful petite plants around your bathroom and leave them be for an instant exotic aesthetic.

2. Spider Plants

Close up image of a potted spider plant on a wooden table

Resilient and pretty, spider plants are a classic of the houseplant genre as they are almost impossible to kill. Spider plants only require a little direct sunlight, will contribute to cleaner air, and are safe for pets – a great all-rounder.

3. Fern

Lifestyle image of a potted fern plant on a bathroom cabinet countertop next to a basin

Fern is a perfect choice for anywhere in the home – they don’t require plentiful sunshine and only need infrequent watering – and will grow well in a bathroom. Ferns are a long lasting and affordable choice, and the frequent heat and moisture from showering will give them the rainforest-like conditions they love.

4. Bamboo

Close up image of a potted bamboo plant

Not just for pandas! Bamboo is perfect for a bathroom as it requires very little light to grow, so even smaller bathrooms with limited natural light make an ideal habitat. Bamboo grows extremely quickly, which is great if you’re eager to add some greenery to your space, but does mean it will require occasional trimming (or you’ll end up in a forest before you know it).

5. Peace Lily

Lifestyle image of a potted peace lily on a wooden windowsill

One of the most effective air purifying plants on the market, Peace Lily’s sprout elegant white flowers that will suit a minimal, light décor perfectly. Peace Lily will require a daily misting and indirect sunlight to survive, but if you shower often, this should be enough to keep them sitting pretty.

6. Aloe Vera

Close up image of a potted aloe vera plant next to several other succulent on a dar wooden shelf

Famous for its medicinal properties, Aloe Vera plants will thrive in a humid environment that a bathroom provides. Place it on a windowsill so it can get the natural light it requires and enjoy its amazing air purifying power.

7. Orchid

Lifestyle image of an orchid in a vase on the edge of a showerbath

Orchids are a beautiful addition to any bathroom, but require more care and attention than most household plants. To get the most out of them, be sure to water once a week, and more often if your orchid is placed in direct sunlight (top tip: if the leaves are warm to the touch, you’ll need to water them more).

8. English Ivy

Lifestyle image of a potted English ivy plant hanging from ropes

Commonly seen on the site of pubs and country homes, English ivy is a resilient and beautiful plant that will add some British charm to your bathroom. Care for English ivy with moderate watering and at least four to six hours of direct sunlight.

9. Snake Plant

Lifestyle image of a potted snake plant on a metal table

Snake plants – also known as mother-in-law’s tongue – will grow in low light, so are an ideal way of adding some green to a smaller bathroom with limited light sources. Snake plants are also amazing at air purification, and will absorb many of the unpleasant ingredients present in bathroom cleaning products.

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Close up image of spiky air plant on a rock