Green and White Bathroom Inspiration & Ideas

Lifestyle image of a green and white bathroom design, featuring white wall tiles and a green painted ceiling
Author: James Roberts
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Green is far from the first colour that springs to mind when you think of the word “bathroom”, and there’s a very good reason for that. The gruesomely kitsch monstrosities of the 1940s and ‘50s, followed by the avocado abominations of the ‘70s, soured entire generations on the concept of green bathrooms for life.

However, recent years have born witness to the slow redemption of green as a viable bathroom colour choice, demonstrating its worth as a rich, rewarding colour that lends itself well to a wide variety of interior designs. Regal jades, subtle sages and lush shades straight from Mother Nature’s palette can all bring unique energies into the bathroom setting, especially when combined with a neutral white canvas.

This article aims to showcase the wealth of fantastic green and white bathroom ideas floating around out there. We’ll explore the various way this undervalued combination can work, offering tips and examples of how you can implement it in your own bathroom setting at home.

Welcome…to the Grenaissance

What Does A Green and White Bathroom Look Like? 

Before we delve into the range of design styles that green and white can achieve, we’ll briefly touch on the vintage green we mentioned just now so that you can see what we were talking about.

Image of an old poster advertising various green coloured bathroom fixtures

This advert from an old edition of American Standard magazine shows a classic Art Deco bathroom suite in shades of green that would be considered garish and old fashioned by all but the trendiest of Shoreditch cafes.

If you are feeling particularly brave – or you want to hedge your bets against these design styles having a resurgence – an unashamedly vintage bathroom could be for you.

For those of you looking for a less eccentric bathroom, however, let’s start with something a bit more subtle.

Lifestyle image of a green and white bathroom design, featuring pastel green painted walls, white wall tiles, pastel green painted roll top bath and a white pedestal basin


The pale green in this picture is barely discernible from certain shades of grey, and can be used to inject a hint of colour into a bathroom design that doesn’t need to rely on boldness. Soft colour is offset with striking white, and natural light dances around the whole room to really bring it to life. Also notice how the darker colour is used at the top of the room: this flouts the received wisdom that dark should be underneath neutrals.

Lifestyle image of a green and white bathroom design, featuring white tiled walls, green and white striped curtains and a pastel green roll top bath with white painted clawfeet


In this bathroom, another subtle shade of green is used. White is more dominant than in the previous design, with green used for accents rather than as an equal element of the colour scheme. Note how just a few elements in green – bath, curtains, shelves – is enough for the colour to assert itself.

This bathroom shows the traditional end of the sage green and white bathroom ideas spectrum.

Close up lifestyle image of a square washbasin with a pastel green backsplash


Here, sage green is brought into a more modern context. The bold, clear cut lines create an eye-catching sink area, and the understated bronze fittings interplay with the green and white in an interesting way. With a gold or copper bathtub, this colour scheme would have a real chance to shine.

Lifestyle image of a green and white bathroom, with a white terrazzo floor, white wall tiles, green brittall framed shower screen and emerald green painted walls and ceiling


In this ultra modern bathroom, an intense dark green is used with white to create a truly captivating space. Although the room is small, bright lights and reflections are used to make it feel larger. Contrast is used to great effect in bisecting the room, and the line across the middle of the mirror ensures that the dividing line is unbroken across the whole room.

With its bold licks of colour and strong lines, this is one of our favourite dark green and white bathroom ideas.

Lifestyle image of green and white bathroom design, featuring avacado close coupled toilet and pedestal basin, white tiled bathroom walls and green leafy wall paper


Green and white can achieve remarkable things. Here a natural, plant based motif brings a completely different energy to the room. If this piques your interest, you can go for deep jungle, exotic palm trees, rustic forest motifs, or something more floral: each creating a slightly different nuance.

It’s interesting to note that the toilet and bathroom sink are similar to those in the Art Deco advert we saw earlier, showing how very traditional fixtures can be used effectively in a more modern setting.

Lifestyle image of green and white bathroom design, featuring black and white floor tiles, white panelled walls, white painted washstand and green hanging plants


Natural green can also be used as accents in a predominantly white bathroom, as seen here. This small space is lifted by bright natural light, clean design, and flecks of green from the hanging plants. This is a fantastic example of colour being brought to a room by solely natural means, and we love the result.

Close up lifestyle image of an avacado tiled bath contrast against white tiled walls


The bathroom tiles we’ve seen so far have been exclusively white. To show what they look like mixed, here is one of many bathroom tile ideas in green and white. Notice the striking but understated atmosphere that toes the line between modern and traditional.

When Does Green And White Work Well, And When Not? 

We’ve shown some bathrooms where green and white come together harmoniously, with great effect. While personal tastes will best dictate what works well and what does not, there are some design guidelines that will point you in the right direction.

Green works particularly well when offset against neutrals like white, cream, and beige. These colours are able to carry and complement all shades, from the light through to the dark.

White also complements natural browns, whether wooden, marble, bamboo, or synthetic replicas.

Most designers agree that lighter shades should be used higher in a room, and vice versa. The idea being that dark shades higher up will feel oppressive and claustrophobic, whereas light ones will open up a space and make it feel more airy.

As we saw earlier though: this convention can be safely ignored!

Lifestyle image of a green and white bathroom design, featuring white wall tiles and a green painted ceiling


Green and white is suited to bathrooms with lots of light. Reflective surfaces and bold lighting can be used to brighten the space, with textured tiles being a great choice for bouncing natural light around the room.

Dimly lit bathrooms are still compatible with the colour scheme. Darker greens can be used to make a small space feel cosy, inviting and, contrary to intuition, warming.

Splashes of natural green from plants and flowers can add vibrancy to small bathrooms, too.

Which Bathroom Elements Should Be Green, And Which White? 

As we’ve seen, green can be used as the core of your colour scheme, or to provide exciting accents.

Features like an accent wall can inject life and colour into a bathroom. In the design below green is used on one wall, then reflected elsewhere in the room by the use of mirrors. This is a clever way to bring more green into a space without having too many elements in the design.

image of dark wood floor bathroom with green feature wall, white metro tiled wall with wall hung grey 4 door vanity unit and stylish countertop basin, close coupled toilet and spiky plant in wicker pot


While fewer people will opt to use green in the traditional fixtures and fittings (toilets, sinks, baths etc), you have a lot of flexibility when bringing green and white into a bathroom.

Non-permanent features like towels, bath mats, and plants can provide accents. These can also be a good way to test the water with a green and white colour scheme: if you have a predominantly white bathroom already you can explore other colour combinations with temporary inclusions to guide you in the right direction.

And for a more rustic room, why not try upcycling old cabinets with a lick of bright green paint? This creates a unique statement piece, quickly and easily.

Deciding the balance of green and white is another area dictated by personal preference, with no right or wrong. We’ve written another blog post on different bathroom colour schemes that may be useful reading if you’re struggling to decide.

Other Things to Consider When Using Green And White in Your Bathroom

Riffing on natural themes with wooden elements and flooring is a surefire way to get the most out of a green and white colour scheme. The combination is elegant, effortless, and versatile.

Or why not try a wooden ceiling..?

image of a modern freestanding bath next to green vertical metro tiled wall with 3 tap hole chrome wall mounted tap, wooden shelf, and white tiled wall to right with shower


If you have a green thumb, there’s no reason for houseplants not to feature heavily in your bathroom design. By bringing the rejuvenating properties of plants into your bathroom, and accentuating these with bright natural greens, you can achieve feelings of calmness, vitality, and relaxation.

It’s worth remembering that multiple shades of green can be used in the same room. The bathrooms we’ve shown so far use one shade of green, but mixed tiles are a great way to match both light and dark green bathroom ideas.

example image of a green metro tiled brick pattern


There You Have It...

Green and white is a colour scheme with a lot to offer. You’ve seen how it can be used in modern or traditional settings, and how it can create all manner of atmospheres.

Whether your bathroom is a place for rejuvenation or deep relaxation, choosing to incorporate green and white into your design will bring the room to life.

Our handpicked range of bathroom supplies comes from the catalogues of some of the most reputable bathroom suppliers internationally, and contains everything you need to revitalise this space. If you you need help with a green and white bathroom space, contact us and speak to a member of our team.

Lifestyle image of a green and white bathroom design, featuring white wall tiles and a green painted ceiling