Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Close up image of a green cabinet drawer filled with cotton buds and scented candles
Published: 31st March 2017
Author: James Roberts

Clutter is the enemy of the small bathroom – nothing eats up space more than having your everyday essentials left exposed or packed into cumbersome boxes. That said, there’s no reason that even smaller bathrooms can’t be full of nooks and crannies that are perfect for storing all your bathroom must-haves, in an elegant and decorative manner.

Whether you are moving into a new home or fixing up your current one, get inspired with our storage ideas for small bathrooms.

Vanity Units

Product Lifestyle image of Crosswater Canvass Deep Indigo Blue Floor-Standing Vanity Unit with Marble Worktop

A bathroom design classic, the vanity unit is a timeless item of furniture that will provide much-needed storage for the things you use every day.

Predominantly built into the sink, like our example above, vanity units make the most of a space that is often wasted and can add a real touch of heritage style to a traditional bathroom. Cloakroom vanity units are specifically good for small bathrooms, as their size is deliberately built to fit into narrower and more compact spaces.

Product Lifestyle image of the Burlington Chalfont 750mm Blue Wall Hung Unit and Basin

Freestanding vanity units can provide a sleek, minimal storage option for modern bathrooms. With drawers for the bulky stuff and a bright, contemporary colour scheme, this vanity unit can be paired with a matching colour scheme, accessories and even other complementary bathroom furniture for even more storage space.

Vintage Towel Holders

Lifestyle image of a vintage towel rack

If you are into having your everyday items close to hand, vintage-style towel holders may be the perfect option. Their minimal design and decorative lines can help turn something every day – somewhere to place folded towels – into a standout feature of your bathroom.

Wicker Baskets

Lifestyle image of towels and wicker baskets being stored on integrated shelves

Wicker baskets can provide vital storage options – not to mention some rustic charm – to a traditionally styled bathroom. We recommend baskets for your towels, toilet rolls and other bathroom essentials if you are aiming for a heritage inspired décor with plenty of rich wooden features.

Think Tall, Not Wide

Product Lifestyle image of Crosswater Glide II Nordic Oak Wall Hung Tower Unit

A simple method of getting the most from a cosy bathroom is to pick furniture that stretches upwards like a column, rather than protruding outwards like a more traditional cabinet. For example, opting for a tall bathroom cabinet like this pictured one will provide endless possibilities for storing towels and toiletries while remaining unobtrusive.

Mason Jars

Lifestyle image of two bars of soap stored inside a mason jar

Inexpensive yet charming mason jars can provide a simple but effective storage method while giving your bathroom a touch of heritage charm.

Available from many high-street stores and homeware retailers, mason jars can be used to store toothbrushes, soap, cotton buds and all manner of bathroom essentials, giving your bathroom a rustic feel. If your bathroom has a colour theme, try painting your jars with the colour of your choice for a distressed, vintage-style effect.

Inner Drawer Compartments

Product Lifestyle image of Roper Rhodes Beech Storage Boxes

Compartmentalising the storage space within your shelves can also be a handy way of separating your toiletries, so you will never reach for the soap and end up with a tube of toothpaste again.

We recommend a Roper Rhodes Scheme Storage Box, which can be placed inside your drawers to separate them into different sections. Each box is cut from chic, contemporary beech wood and will instantly transform your messy drawers into an organisational nirvana.

Small Bathroom Ideas

If you are trying to maximise space, it is not just storage that can help your smaller bathroom seem much larger.

The kind of basin you choose, not to mention where you place it, can make a big impact. Installing a corner basin or a thinner, longer sink can be a sensible space-saver, as these options, with their smaller footprints, will intrude less into the room’s available space.

Using curved furniture and fixtures with more organic, rounded edges can also help make a smaller bathroom more inviting, as sharp edges can make a cosier space feel boxed in. Combine this with the classic design tip of a large mirror on the wall and your bathroom will seem instantly more spacious.

When you have got a bathroom that is on the smaller side, you need to get creative when it comes to filling all the available space. An often-ignored area of a small bathroom is above the toilet. Fitting shelves above your lavatory can be useful, especially if it is located in an enclave – just make sure it is high enough not to bang your head.

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