The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Vanity Units

Close up product lifestyle image of Crosswater Arena 1000mm Steelwood Wall Hung Unit and Basin
Published: 2nd March 2020
Author: Des Roberts

Vanity units make a fantastic addition to any bathroom space, but it’s important you properly understand the product before purchase. Available in a range of sizes, styles, materials and features, you can take your pick from vanity units with mirrors, lights or draws for storage. There is so much out there, good knowledge of what’s available will help you make the best decision for your bathroom.  

In this handy guide, we will discuss what a vanity unit is, it’s primary function and all the options you have available when it comes to buying one.

We will cover:

What is a Vanity Unit?

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A vanity unit is a flat surface with a basin or worktop on top and cupboard space underneath, they make great use of an area that might otherwise be wasted. They provide additional storage without compromising space and conceal drainpipes that can potentially spoil the aesthetics of your bathroom design.

Making use of the cupboards or drawers below to hide away toiletries and accessories will declutter your bathroom, leaving it looking smart and tidy. Vanity units are practical, but the range of materials and colours available can make them a stylish improvement to the overall design of the room.

Vanity units can be referred to by different names which can be confusing. You may come across alternatives such as under-sink cabinets, basin cabinets or bathroom combination vanity units. They all perform the same function.  

What Bathrooms Are Vanity Units Suitable For?

Product Lifestyle image of Burlington Classic White Freestanding Corner Cloakroom Vanity Unit and Basin

The variety of sizes and styles available make vanity units a good fit for any bathroom. You can choose a large unit if you are shopping for an eye-catching centrepiece for a larger bathroom, or you could opt for a cloakroom vanity unit for smaller second bathrooms where you are looking to make the most of the space you have available. Both serve a practical purpose and with the right style, pay a fetching complement to your bathroom design.

What Types of Vanity Unit Are There?

Product Lifestyle image of Crosswater Flute Windsor Oak Floor-Standing Vanity Unit and Basin

There is a range of vanity units available, each serving a slightly different purpose to make them adaptable to different bathroom designs. Here are a few examples you will find on our site:

  1. Wall-hung Vanity Units – These models offer space between the floor and the unit. This can be an aesthetic consideration, but also offer a neat hideaway below for the likes of cleaning products.
  2. Corner Vanity Units – Designed to fit neatly in the corner of your bathroom, these make great use of space and still offer all the storage benefits.
  3. Freestanding Vanity Unit – These units stand-alone, making a stand-out centrepiece for your bathroom. Position in front of a mirror to make the most of all the functions they provide.

These are just some of the options, there are more available if the above do not quite fit your requirements.

What Colours and Materials Are Available?

When it comes to colours, finishes and materials, there is endless choice. Vanity units are available in traditional and contemporary styles, plus you can opt for the likes of popular white gloss finishes, or more natural classic oak designs.

On our site you will find light and dark finishes, or you can let the material control the design of your vanity unit with marble, anthracite or wooden looks. When choosing the colour and material of your new vanity unit, it is down to personal choice. You need to find a unit that best complements your bathroom design. If it is a clean modern look you are going for, the white gloss finish might be for you. If you are outdoorsy and have wooden flooring, why not try the Windsor oak?

Product Lifestyle image of Crosswater Glide II Windsor Oak Wall-Hung Vanity Unit and Basin

To help you come to your decision, why not explore the options we have available our site.

What Size Bathroom Vanity Units Can You Buy?

Large and small-sized vanity units are available, serving different purposes when it comes to practicality and design. There are three considerations when buying, width, height and depth. There is a huge range to choose from, cloakroom vanity units can be as small as 410mm x 730cm x 350mm, fitting perfectly in smaller bathrooms. Larger units, such as those with two basins like a double vanity unit, can be up to 1186 x 835 x 475, fit for bathrooms supporting a big family.

Product Lifestyle image of Roper Rhodes Hampton 1200mm Pewter Underslung Vanity Unit with Basin and Worktop

As well as small or large, the shapes of vanity units can vary a great deal, making them adaptable when it comes to bathroom requirements. If floor space is an issue but you want to maximise storage space, a narrow vanity unit would be a smart choice. Depending on your needs when it comes to the sink, the option to select deep or shallow basins can be a useful asset.

How Do You Get Your Vanity Unit Installed?

Our delivery team will deliver your assembled vanity unit directly to your home. When it comes to installing the basin, we recommend you get a professional plumber to assist you. Installation differs depending on the unit, just ask our team and we would be happy to provide further details on the product you are buying.

Vanity Unit Prices

The prices of vanity units vary massively depending on the unit you are buying. Naturally, a centrepiece vanity unit with two basins is going to cost more than a space-conscious cloakroom model.

Here are a few price ranges from our site:

  • Wall-hung Vanity Unit - £268.00 - £2,665.80
  • Modern Floorstanding Vanity Unit - £362.10 - £1,695.20
  • Traditional Floorstanding Vanity Unit - £358.56 - £2,396.80
  • Double Basin Vanity Unit - £946.80 - £2,215.50
  • Corner Vanity Unit - £478.40 - £1,406.16

View our range of new bathroom vanity units for more details on pricing. Using the information provided in the guide you should be able to purchase a vanity unit that is a great fit for your bathroom, practically and aesthetically. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.