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What is the Best Wall Hung Toilet for Me?

Posted on Monday 20th April 2020 by Des Roberts

Choosing the right toilet for your bathroom can be a big design decision to make. A wall hung toilet can be a great, modern addition to any bathroom. Just as the name suggests, the toilet pan literally hangs from the wall and can create a stunning focal point for any modern bathroom, while also offering practical benefits such as being easier to clean.

In this guide, we’ll look at the pros and cons of wall hung toilets, the practical aspects of fitting and using one, and answer some of the common questions people are asking about wall hung toilets, like “are wall hung toilets safe?” and “are wall hung toilets strong?”.

We will cover:

crosswater svelte wall hung toilet

What are the Pros and Cons of Wall Hung Toilets?

As with any bathroom design, there are several factors that need to be taken into account when making a decision. From design to practicality, there are always pros and cons when it comes to choosing furniture for your bathroom. Wall hung toilets are no different. Here are a few of the main pros and cons.


  • Wall hanging toilets can make cleaning the bathroom much easier as the ground clearance beneath them means you’ll find getting in to clean the areas around the toilet easier than a standard model.
  • They also provide you with more floor space in general and make your bathroom appear bigger and more spacious.
  • Wall hung toilets provide a clean and stylish design for your bathroom and work great if you’re looking for a minimalist effect in your room.
  • They can also be ideal for those with disabilities, as they can be set at the most appropriate height. This makes a wall hung disabled toilet, or comfort height toilet, much easier to fit.

kai wall hung toilet


  • Due to the fact that they’ll often need professional installation, wall hung toilets can be a little more expensive than your average toilet.
  • They also can’t fit in certain bathrooms as there must be sufficient space on the wall to mount the toilet.
  • We’ll come to fitting a wall hung toilet in more detail later, but one of the cons can be the work that it takes to put one into your bathroom. It’ll often mean opening a wall, rerouting the waste pipe and repairing the floor beneath the toilet (if a toilet had previously been placed there) in order to get your toilet in.

Of course, the pros and cons of any item like this come down to what you want from your bathroom layout and toilet. Although it may be slightly more costly to go for a wall hung toilet, if it’s the perfect look for your bathroom it could mean that the pros very much outweigh any cons and make it ideal for you.

Wall Hung Toilet Vs Regular Toilet

rak washington wall hung wc with soft close seat

We’ve looked at the pros and cons of wall hung toilets, but how do they compare to regular toilets? When it comes to deciding between a wall hung toilet and a regular toilet, there are several factors that set the two apart and could influence your decision. Here are a few points that could make a difference:

  • Wall hung toilets are easier to clean around. A standard toilet can be difficult to get behind and underneath.
  • Wall hung toilets cannot be installed in every bathroom, only those with the space available. A standard toilet can be fitted into any bathroom.
  • When it comes to fitting toilets, a wall hung toilet is much more complex to install, whereas a standard toilet is a common task for most plumbers.
  • As much of the plumbing in a wall hung toilet is kept within the wall, repairs can be much more difficult. With a standard toilet, the cistern usually houses most of the plumbing and can be accessed easily. However, keeping the plumbing behind a wall can benefit your bathroom aesthetically.
  • A wall hung toilet can give the impression of more space in a bathroom. If you choose the right wall hung toilet dimensions, it’ll help open more of the floor, perfect if you’re designing a small bathroom. Standard toilets tend to cover a relatively large section of your floor.

As mentioned before, the real decision as to whether you’ll decide to fit a wall hung toilet or a standard toilet will come down to a whole host of different factors. Both have plenty of positives, with a large selection of colours and designs available, you’re sure to find a model that suits your bathroom design.

Fitting a Wall Hung Toilet: How Does Wall Hung Toilet Plumbing Work?

A wall hung toilet will require completely different plumbing to a standard toilet. With a standard toilet, the waste pipe will invariably be at ground level, however, with a wall hung toilet much of this plumbing will have to be moved around. We recommend you hire a professional plumber to carry out this work for you.

The first step will usually be to remove a section of wall where your wall hung toilet is to be fitted, this will enable the plumber to fit a new waste pipe at the correct height. They may also fit a wall hung toilet frame which will take the brunt of the load and have the cistern attached within.

When installing the toilet pan, it’ll have the water and waste pipes attached before being put onto the wall hung toilet frame. Each wall hung toilet will come with its own manufacturer’s instructions, if you do decide to fit the toilet yourself, make sure you’re following these closely.

Do I Need a Wall Hung Toilet Frame?

Some, but not all wall hung toilets will require a wall hung toilet frame, something that is fitted either within or onto the wall and helps the toilet remain solid and safe under the weight of use. For those who are wondering ‘are wall hung toilets strong?’, the addition of a wall hung toilet frame can make a big difference in ensuring the integrity of your toilet.

geberit duofix wc frame for wall hung toilet

Choosing the Best Wall Hung Toilet for Your Bathroom Design

Once you’ve decided to fit a wall hung toilet in your bathroom, the next decision will be choosing between the many styles and features available. Here are some of the features our toilets can include:


Rimless wall hung toilets are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to create a modern bathroom design with hygiene high on the agenda. These toilets are much easier to clean as they don’t have the rim underneath the seat like most classic toilets. They also make for a sophisticated, minimalist design.

Short Projection

Our short projection wall hung toilets are an ideal solution for those who would like a wall hung toilet but don’t have a large amount of space to use. These toilets are slightly smaller than regular size toilets, meaning you can take advantage of the sleek and modern looks, whilst benefitting from a highly convenient toilet.

Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

Vanity Units

When you’re making design decisions for your bathroom, a wall hung toilet isn’t the only option when it comes to creating a clutter-free, space-saving room. Wall hung vanity units can be used alongside a wall hung toilet to complement them, leaving your bathroom floorspace open.

Wall Hung Basins

Similar to toilets and wall hung vanity units, a wall hung basin is another great option for those wishing to make the most of this design feature and create that spacious look within their bathroom.

Designing your perfect bathroom can involve a lot of different factors, a wall hung toilet could be the perfect way to conserve some space whilst also creating a sleek and contemporary space.


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