Black Friday Bathroom Deals 2024

Black Friday has finished for 2023 but keep an eye on this page to see what we have in store for 2024 when the next Black Friday comes around. This year's Black Friday takes place on Friday 29th November with Cyber Monday taking place on 2nd December.

In the meanwhile, if you are looking for a bargain, don't forget to check out the Bathroom Sale section of our website if you are looking for a great deal, or check out our latest discount codes for other offers available. If you are looking for more information about Black Friday 2024 or previous events, or just want to know more general information about Black Friday, we have put together some simple FAQs and questions for you below about this.

What is Black Friday and what is its meaning?

Black Friday is an annual seasonal shopping event that occurs at the end of November, usually the last Friday of the month, the day after Thanksgiving when families come together in the US. In this sense, it is like Boxing Day in the UK. This national seasonal holiday (which also takes place in other countries) gives thanks for the harvest of the previous year. While it has historic origins, Black Friday has quickly grown in popularity over recent years expanding into Europe, and in particular the UK as shoppers and retailers embraced it alike. The day is a huge shopping day between Thanksgiving, which takes place on the last Thursday of the month, and the weekend and marks the start of festive and seasonal shopping buying.

The origins of Black Friday itself is widely contested, however, the real origin seems to stem from a term coined by Philadelphia police in the 1950s to describe the high footfall and ensuing resulting issues affecting retailers, which occurred as a result of the volume of people attending the annual Army v Navy American Football game. This didn't catch on elsewhere across the US until decades on, however, it has since grown from a single day event to one that can span anywhere between a few days to a month in some cases.

Is Black Friday big in the UK?

While its popularity is not as big as in the US, Black Friday in the UK has become a part of the retail calendar. Demand and popularity for Black Friday has declined according to Google Trends over the course of the past few years, peaking in 2019, and then declining in searches since then so much so that in 2022 it was almost a third popular search than that peak. Time will tell whether this was down to the impact of Coronavirus, and whether it will be re-establish itself to the same level. However, many shoppers do use it as an ideal time to try and source Christmas gifts and cheaper deals for friends and family, as well as for finding items for personal use that they have had their eye on for a while.

When was Black Friday in 2022?

Black Friday 2023 took place on Friday 24th November, which as always is the last Friday of the month and is when Black Friday traditionally takes place each year. Black Friday first started appearing in the UK in as a major event in 2014, meaning there have been around 10 Black Friday retail events including 2022. Black Friday 2024 will be the eleventh such event.

When is Black Friday in 2023, 2024 and 2025?

If you already planning ahead for future Black Fridays, then the dates for the next few years are:

  • 2024 - 29th November
  • 2025 - 28th November
  • 2026 - 27th November
Is Black Friday a way of getting rid of old stock? Do you only have offers on old stock?

Some retailers will use this as a way of selling off any old lines, discontinued lines, or even items that are less in demand, in order to be able to stock more popular items, whereas others may use it as a time to offer one off prices or flash sales on more popular items to drive demand and sales. At Sanctuary Bathrooms, our Black Friday offers are reviewed annually and so it is never planned or guaranteed what items will be available, as it is both subject to availability, as well as what we feel customers would really like or prove popular.

Nevertheless, we always look to offer special prices on a wide selection of items including those in our warehouse, since we can dispatch them quickly, as well as more popular items that may be reduced for a one off special offer. This may or may not be items that we have had in stock for a period of time (we look to create a great mix) and, regardless of this, the items will still be great for any bathroom space. This will be alongside any site-wide discounts that is offered throughout this period, should we decide to offer these.

Are all your Black Friday offers in stock?

Items are always added into the Black Friday sale based on being available at that time. Many of the items we will offer are items that we hold in our warehouse, and so we can keep an eye on stock levels to prevent any disappointment. Where availability does become low, we will withdraw these from the Black Friday sale, and any subsequent special offers. For items that we don't hold in stock, we would always knowingly check with suppliers and manufacturers prior to putting them in the Black Friday sale to ensure they are available.

When Will Your Black Friday Bathroom Deals Go Live?

We are still in the process of reviewing what offers we are offering for 2024, however, keep an eye on this page and we will advise on what offers will be available and from when.

Will there be any special terms and conditions for items purchased in Black Friday?

No, we do not vary terms and conditions for Black Friday. All items purchased during this timeframes operate to the same terms and conditions and returns policies detailed on our Returns page.

How Much Can I Save in Black Friday Bathroom Deals You Offer?

How much you can save depends on the products that are included in the sale category at the time, and will vary from product to product. There may also be a one-off discount code to use across the period for extra savings across everything on our website. Check back in the coming days and weeks to see what offers we have on.

Where can I find current offers and discounts until Black Friday?

Our Sale section of the website is still live and features numerous items with higher than normal discounts and special offers, many of which are limited stock remaining. These include items such as cheap taps, shower kits and baths, so if you are looking for a bargain then keep checking on this area of the website.

Additionally, if you're looking for a discount, voucher or promotional code, then visit the Sanctuary Bathrooms Discount Codes page, where we will be adding special offers and discounts across the remainder of 2024 and into 2025. Don't forget to sign up to our mailing list and newsletter, and follow us on social media as well to get first news: