How Much Does Underfloor Heating Cost?

Close up image of thermostat for underfloor heating
Published: 11th October 2018
Author: James Roberts

Underfloor heating is a luxurious yet cost-effective way of heating your bathroom. It retains heat better than traditional radiators, is more energy efficient, and feels lovely on your feet. It’s got the added benefit of staying hidden for maximising tight spaces, and it can even boost your property.

But is underfloor heating expensive to buy? How much does it cost to install and maintain? And is it worth the expense?

Underfloor Heating Cost Per Metre

Cut out image of a rolled up underfloor heating mat

One of the biggest drawbacks of underfloor heating is the up-front cost, but these days, there are many affordable options, such as dry systems that do not need hot water pipes. These systems use rolled electric mats and they are easier to install than wet systems.

Typically, electric underfloor heating is charged at £50 – £75 per square metre. Water systems are more expensive. They can cost up to £100+ per square metre. You will also need to consider tradesmen fees, thermostats, controls and other installation or building costs.

If you are looking for a cheap underfloor heating solution that doesn’t take loads of work, try an underfloor heating mat. As an example, the CosyToes TradeMat Plus (suitable for concrete and wooden floors) starts at just £67.20 per 1.0m2.

For the average bathroom size of 3.5m2, that is less than £240 in underfloor heating materials.

Underfloor Heating Installation Cost

Close up image of the inner workings of an underfloor heating mat

The price of installation can be hard to work out. This is because rates differ based on where you live, so shop around for a good deal. The price will also vary based on the size and type of your system, whether your house is a new build and how much insulation you need.

Underfloor heating is usually easier and cheaper to install in a new build house, because the floors haven’t been laid down yet. These days though, modern heating mats are made to be ultra-thin and easy to connect. So if you are using an electrical system, you should not have too many problems with an older property either. With the growing popularity of complete underfloor heating kits, you can even install systems yourself, as long as you are confident in your DIY skills.

For wet underfloor heating, you need to do a fair amount of work before laying water pipes, so expect high installation costs.

The Running Costs of Underfloor Heating

Digital image displaying the inner workings of underfloor heating once it has been installed under floorboards

Underfloor heating is cheap to buy, but is dry underfloor heating expensive to run? Compared to standard radiators, it can be an affordable way to heat the home. For bathrooms, it is the perfect option: it keeps your feet toasty while being energy-efficient.

Electrical systems are pricier to run than water systems, but proper insulation can cut costs by reducing the heat-up time. This can actually shrink running costs by as much as 50%.

Underfloor heating is also ideal for bigger, full-sized bathrooms. This is because radiators create hot and cold spots, so you need to turn them up to full to heat the whole space. Underfloor systems, on the other hand, create a ‘radiant heat’. This means it’s more efficient at lower temperatures and evenly distributed from the floor up.

The cost of underfloor systems also depends on other factors, such as:

  • The size of your bathroom
  • How many people live in your house
  • How much you use your heating
  • Your current gas / electricity prices

Gas is cheaper than electricity, but electric underfloor heating with a thermostat is 99% efficient. This means it’s better for saving energy in the long run.

Electrical heaters also tend to last longer because they don’t have moving parts, whereas boilers only last for around 10 years.

Calculating the Price of Underfloor Heating

When working out the underfloor heating cost for your bathroom, here is what you need to do:

Measure Your Room

Work out the cost of materials by measuring your room. Measure the length and width then multiply these figures to get the total square metres.

Get Quotes for Installation

A typical installation quote is between £200 and £300 per day. Bathrooms usually take between 1 and 1.5 days to complete.

Find A Brand You Trust

We recommend choosing a brand that offers lifetime guarantees or anything over 20 years, in order to provide reassurance and support over a long period of time.

That completes our guide to understanding the costs of underfloor heating. However, if you need more information, or would like to know more about how underfloor heating can benefit your space, why not contact a member of our team.