How to Install Bathroom Grab Bars

Close up product lifestyle image of Bathroom Origins Sonia Lux Chrome 300mm Grab Bar
Published: 2nd April 2018
Author: James Roberts

Safety in the bathroom should be an issue for everyone and bathroom grab bars can make the perfect finishing touch. If you’re considering a bathroom redesign, this handy piece of kit could be an essential part of the buying process.

How Safe is Your Bathroom?

Close up image of a woman who has slipped and fallen on their bathroom tiles

Firstly, consider how safe your bathroom actually is. When research states that 70% of home accidents occur in this space, it’s worth remembering accidents can happen to anyone. After all, the bathroom is a high humidity area with plenty of water and places to slip or fall.

What is A Grab Bar?

Close up image of someone holding onto a vertical grab bar to pull themselves up

Essentially, bathroom grab bars will provide support so you can safely stand or sit down. This rail will even help you move around more easily. Essentially, the bar is all about safety so you can benefit from additional support. You can maintain your balance, grab onto it when tired and it will hold some of your weight while moving around. Last but by no means least, you know you’ve got something to grab hold of if you accidentally slip or fall. Don’t be put off by any you may see in hospitals, as there are plenty of stylish options and various sizes available to suit your home.

How To Identify If You Need Bathroom Grab Rails And Where to Put Them

Lifestyle image of grab rail attached to the wall of a shower enclosure

First of all, consider you and your family’s daily bathroom routine. Are you looking for a rail, which will make your bathroom more accessible for all the family regardless of their mobility? You might require a bathroom grab bar, which will help you get in and out of the bath or stepping into your shower. Perhaps you want to use your rail to sit down or stand up from the toilet. Would your children benefit from a helping hand when standing in the tub? Also, think about your grip and how your overall balance and stability could affect your needs.

How To Install Bathroom Grab Bars

You can mount this bar on a masonry wall or the studs on a stud wall, if it is strong enough. After all, these need to bear high loads and sudden impacts. Make sure the rail is properly secured. You do not want it to come off the wall when any pressure is applied. 

Remember, do not attempt to mount them on a dry wall as it will not bear your weight. Always speak to your bathroom designer who will be able to advise how best to install it.

Where To Position Your Bathroom Grab Rails?

If you are looking for a grab bar for an inclusively designed bathroom, you can install these in various positions.  A vertical bar makes the perfect choice if you want help while standing or when pulling yourself up to stand. Furthermore, a horizontal one is ideal if you need help while sitting or standing up. Some rails can be installed at an angle should you require this. Pre-formed angle rails and right-angled rails are good for those who require forearm support.

Close up product lifestyle image of Bathroom Origins Sonia Lux Chrome 300mm Grab Bar

If you find it hard to get in and out of your shower, you will want to know where to install shower enclosure grab bars. The good news is that you can position them anywhere. Perhaps you would prefer one at waist height so you can hang on to it. Otherwise, you may benefit from a rail which is a little higher to help you step out of your shower.

How To Choose the Right Style of Bathroom Grab Bars

Thankfully, grab bars these days come in all sorts of materials. Take your pick from plastic and stainless steel and steel, wood or brass. However, you will find that a wooden rail will need metal brackets to attach it to the wall. A polished finish may looks nice but could be slippery, while a plastic or painted finish may feel warm to the touch and can allow for more colours to coordinate with your bathroom design.