VitrA Floor Standing Vanity Units

If you want to make more of the floorspace or simply prefer everything to be floor mounted , then a VitrA Floor Standing Vanity Unit is an ideal addition for anyone looking to add both storage space to keep items within reach, as well as add a practical washing area for daily use. All of the VitrA floor standing vanity units in this section either come already with legs or can have them added on to create a floor mounted vanity or unit.

There is a variety of styles and designs available spanning both modern and traditional themes that caters for a variety of tastes. This section also includes other matching VitrA freestanding furniture, such as open units, mid units, and tall units to create a consistent and matching look, and other storage around the room. Vitra floor standing vanity units also come in both smaller designs, including VitrA cloakroom vanity units, all the way up to larger sizes including VitrA double vanity units and basins.