VitrA M-Line

The VitrA M-Line collection is a rich, contemporary range that embraces many modern day styles and features to help promote better hygiene and an enriching overall experience.

Including and using some of VitrA's innovative features, including rim-ex design and Aquacare, it combines technology and design to provide functionality, practicality and convenience for easy-cleaning.

It uses squared and cubed design, a shape that is aimed at helping to create a generous flow of water into toilet bowls, as well as simple, curved basin bowls and sinks that offer versatility for any space. It is especially stylish for those looking to upgrade their space to a more luxurious experience for homeowners, or for professionals, corporate environments & boutique-style spaces looking for stand-out pieces to provide for guests, renters and workers alike.

Like several of the popular VitrA Bathroom Collection ranges, it has been designed and created in partnership with the notable German design company Noa.