KEUCO Somaris

KEUCO Somaris is the latest collection of illuminated mirror cabinets from this industry leading manufacturer, which integrates the latest smart technology without compromising the sleek and uber functional designs we have come to expect from KEUCO. Each bathroom mirror cabinet is flanked by bold bands of cool white LED lights, which can be activated and dimmed indefinitely via a touch sensor located near the bottom of their double sided mirror doors. Containing adjustable glass shelving alongside shaver charging sockets, some of the Somaris range also boast touch sensor controlled heated demister pads to prevent them from becoming covered in condensation and, in turn, slowing up your morning routine.

Much like our existing catalogue of KEUCO mirror cabinets, the Somaris range allows you to choose between conventional wall mounted models or a recessed installation, streamlining the look of your bathroom without sacrificing the storage potential of your space. Available with one door, two doors, three doors and even in unique asymmetrical variants that provide a larger mirror face on one side, alongside a smaller panel that provides quick access to your charging appliances, the Somaris collection is keen to leave its mark on any contemporary interior, regardless of its size or spatial limitations.