Crosswater Heated Radiators

Having a fantastic bathroom means taking care of the smaller details. Occasionally overlooked, the addition of a heated radiator in the room means that you are not leaving the luxurious feeling of a steaming shower, or the relaxed joy of a warm bath and entering a chill environment that has you reaching shivering for a towel. A towel which, without a heated towel rail, lacks that extra luxury of wrapping you in muscle-relaxing warmth.

Leading the latest design trends with a range of styles to match your bathroom and your own personal taste, Crosswater bathroom radiators and towel warmers also find themselves at the top of the game for design. Providing you with an up-to-date heating system, Crosswater (previously Crosswater Bauhaus) have years of experience in maximising energy efficiency in their heated towel rails, ensuring as little cost-to-run as possible.

Whether you want the defined angles of a modern eye-catching piece, or the subtle background touch of a soft curved design, the Crosswater range provides a huge number of options. With a keen eye for convenience and real-world application, their bathroom radiators come in a range of sizes, with the smallest options providing an impressive heat output without taking up more than a minimal amount of space.