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3D Bathroom Design Service

We are delighted to introduce our 3D Bathroom Design Service, which allows you to create wonderful CGI/CAD 3D rendered images of how your finished bathroom may look. We understand that designing a bathroom can be overwhelming, and we want to make the process as easy as possible whilst reflecting your taste and personality. With one of our designers, you can reimagine your bathroom and make it the best it can be. Our Design Service will see your project from concept to delivery, and everything in-between, and is available across the entire of the UK from Cumbria to East Yorkshire, Scotland to London and the South East. Our 3D Bathroom Design Service can be offered via Microsoft Teams, telephone and email, or in person in our Leeds showroom.

After listening to our customers, we wanted to create a service that is flexible and affordable – after all, no two projects are the same. It means that depending on the level of service you require, we offer three packages that will suit your project: bronze, silver and gold. Each offers a varied amount of contact with our experts and different turnaround times, so whether you want something straightforward and simple, or something more dedicated and personalised with a quick turnaround time, we have flexibility for everyone.

If you are unsure about which package you require, why not book a free initial design consultation below with one of our experts, who will be happy to contact you about your project, and to discuss which design service is appropriate to your requirements, and answer any questions you have. 

How Does The Bathroom Design Service Work?

  1. Book an initial free consultation (if required)

  2. Have a look at products and items to get an idea of what you like

  3. Choose and pay for the best package for you

  4. Complete the emailed form, attaching your bathroom layout, measurements & any useful information to help us

  5. We will get in touch with your designs / to chat about your bathroom & designs

  6. Receive the finished designs from ourselves & full itemised quote

  7. Order your items & we will be in touch when they are ready to be delivered to you.

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Choose your required package from the options below. Each one has been bespokely created to serve different requirements in terms of:

  • Timeframes for creation and receipt of your finished designs
  • Number of amends you may require, should you wish to make alterations or change items you have asked to be included
  • The level of expert contact you require, whether you know what you want and just want the designs, or if you want more time with one of our experts and a dedicated personal shopper-like service.
  • And much more...

If you need more than one bathroom designing, you can also select this on the relevant page.

We have also provided some detailed frequently asked questions below to help answer any who, what, why, where, when and hows of 3D Bathroom Design and the service we offer, in order for you make an informed decision ahead of purchasing. This includes everything from about why you should trust us with your project and designs, what we offer to you and why we charge for the service, all the way through to how you can go about getting started with your project if you are new to this. Scroll down to the FAQs section below to read more.

What is A 3D Bathroom Design Service?

A bathroom design service offers customers the opportunity to have their desired bathroom brought to life using CGI or CAD design software, providing a realistic glimpse at the finished product. It’s based on your dimensions and any proposed layout changes you want to make, and can include specific products you have identified yourself or with the help of our team. The design features a set of rendered images from various angles, and the service itself can also include pre-purchase and aftersales support as a guiding hand.

Who Designs, or Can Help Me Design, My Bathroom?

We do and can! Our in-house design experts are always ready to help, and they’re vastly experienced in the use of CGI/CAD software. Our program of choice is VirtualWorlds, a platform specifically tailored towards bathroom design.

How Much Do You Charge For Your 3D Bathroom Design Service?

We offer three separate packages:

Bronze – this starts at £100.00 for one bathroom (non-refundable).

Silver  this starts at £149.00 for one bathroom (refundable if you spend over £1,000 with us).

Gold – this starts at £199.00 for one bathroom (refundable if you spend over £1,000 with us).

We appreciate that customers want to make their project as affordable as possible, and the cost of a design service may not necessarily have been forecasted into your budget. That’s why our Bronze service is the only one that’s entirely non-refundable, while the Silver and Gold services are only non-refundable if you decide to buy the products elsewhere or buy items from us below the £1,000 spending threshold. If you do meet these requirements, we’ll take the cost of the Silver/Gold service off your order total, making the design service itself practically free!

We also offer a free consultation service which lets you speak to a member of our team to discuss your bathroom project (see further information below).

Why Do You Charge For Your Bathroom Design Service?

Firstly, we appreciate that customers want to make their project as affordable as possible, and this is an extra additional cost that may not necessarily have been forecasted into your budget.

It is worth noting initially that only our bronze package is entirely non-refundable, while the Silver and Gold packages are only non-refundable if you choose to buy the products elsewhere or spend less than £1,000 with us. If you do buy from us, spending above the £1,000 threshold, we’ll give you this back off your order, meaning that this is practically free.

The reason we charge or offer these at an up-front cost is due to the fact that spending time on design projects requires a significant time investment from our design experts and colleagues, with no commitment from yourself to purchase the items from us after the designs have been created. This is in addition to the ongoing software licensing costs from VirtualWorlds to create these eye-catching designs for you, which we do have to pay for annually.

Every customer is different in their requirements, which is why – rather than one flat free for all – we have created a set of varied package options that we hope suits a wide mix of people at different stages in their bathroom renovation journey. This includes a cheaper, bronze package for those who know what they want and just want the images creating, to our Gold Package for those who want more dedicated one-on-one time and help with our colleagues, and the ability to amend their bathroom space.

How Do You Compare to Other Companies?

While we know that other retailers offer similar services, we prefer to focus on ourselves and what we can do for you. Regardless of the package you purchase, every single one of our customers can expect the following:

1. Dedicated, named people available to contact throughout the week.

2. Experts with extensive knowledge of the wider bathroom industry, ready to offer guidance every step of the way from pre-purchasing to installation.

3. Recommendations and advice about what may or may not work within a chosen space, preventing any disappointment further down the line.

Additionally, we’re proud to state that Sanctuary Bathrooms works with reputable suppliers and manufacturers. We don’t simply sell you the cheapest option available, or try to sell you whatever we have left in our warehouse for our own convenience. You can rest assured that the products you choose offer both value and quality, and will be tailored towards your own unique preferences and requirements.

Ultimately, there may be other companies who offer cheaper or even free bathroom design services. However, many of our customers do in fact come to us after being disappointed with the service elsewhere, and quickly discover that our mantra of putting you first isn’t just empty words. We truly believe in the quality and benefits of our service, and as you can see by our reviews, we’re not alone!

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What Are the Advantages of Paying For A 3D Bathroom Design Over Using Free Tools or Software Offered by Other Websites?

Free tools may allow you to create a rough look and floorplans of your bathroom space, but you’ll miss out on the experienced support, safety net and expert guidance that comes with our service. For example, you could end up wasting time on a design that’s incompatible with your bathroom layout or plumbing system. Our design service is all about saving you precious time and energy, putting a stop to any potential frustration or disappointment.

Do You Offer Any Kind of Free Service?

Yes! If you’re unsure about the level of package you need, you can click here to book a free 30-minute consultation with a member of our friendly team. Once arranged, we’ll take the time to understand your requirements and direct you towards the best package for you, explaining the service thoroughly. We’ll answer any questions you may have, as well as chip in with advice whenever we can.

If you like what you’re hearing, we can then put together a full quote for you to view, take away and mull over in your own time. There’s no obligation to purchase, and we won’t pressure you into jumping into anything you’re not 100% sure about.

Is Your 3D Bathroom Design Service UK-wide or Just Local? Can I Have My Bathroom Designed Online?

Our bathroom design service is available to anybody residing in Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland), from the Highlands of Scotland to the coastline of Dorset! Our service can be completed remotely via email, phone and Microsoft Teams, or in person at our Leeds showroom. We’ll send you a quick post-purchase email with a simple form to fill out specifying your preferred communication method. For Northern Irish/Republic of Ireland/International customers, see the next question.

What About Ireland and Internationally?

While we can do designs for customers in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, we’re unfortunately unable to ship items out to either of these regions currently. We always want to help any customer but we must state that because of this, our design service would be entirely non-refundable in these areas at this time, unfortunately.

Regarding international customers, we’re sadly not experts in other countries’ plumbing systems, regulations or specific installation requirements. As such, while we can offer guidance on individual bathroom products to those outside the UK and Ireland, we may not be able to accommodate a 3D Bathroom Design service. In both instances, we would always ask you to check ahead and we'll liaise in the best way we can before you purchase.

Is it Always Worth Paying For a 3D Design Service As Part of my Bathroom Project?

Every customer is unique, and we don’t offer a blanket recommendation that everyone should opt for a 3D design project. For instance, if you’re just looking for a quick bathroom refresh while keeping the same layout, or simply seeking a few individual products to enhance your existing space, a full 3D design is probably an unnecessary expense. On the flip side, if you are a first-time bathroom buyer, building a bathroom from scratch, or looking for a complete renovation, then investing in a 3D design service could be hugely beneficial.

In short, it’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to make use of the service or not, and our team is always happy to sit down and help you come to an impartial and informed decision. We offer expert advice and straightforward quotes, and we’re passionate about ensuring that everyone arrives at the bathroom of their dreams via the path best suited to them.

What Should I Consider When Designing a Bathroom?

In short, the primary factors to consider can be summarised in the following points:

1. Budget – How much you’re prepared to invest in the project, including the fitting costs and purchase of the items.
2. Timeframes – When you want to upgrade your space, as well as when fitters may be available.
3. Style/theme – Get inspiration from numerous sources and identify the colours you love, and consider whether you’re looking for a modern, traditional or transitional design.
4. Features/products – Think about the type of products that will fit in with your chosen theme and preferences, in terms of both aesthetics and practicality. Also, think about who is using your space and what items may be necessary for them.
5. Plumbing system – consider what type of system you have and which products can work with it.

Ahead of any bathroom design, you will need to understand what type of system of you have. You’ll also need to have created a floorplan of your space, with dimensions and any notable features that need to be considered (such as recesses, for example). Knowledge of whether you have an internal or external soilpipe and its location would be beneficial too.

To make things a little easier, we’ve put together to a handy guide on what to consider when buying and upgrading a bathroom suite.

Do You Offer Installation After Designing & Ordering the Items?

We do not offer installation, unfortunately. You would need to source your own fitter, although we are more than happy to help with any installation questions or issues that you or your fitter may have. We can also liaise with product manufacturers to offer further guidance.

I Have Another Question That Hasn’t Been Answered, How Can I Get in Touch?

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions at all that haven’t been answered here, please do drop us a line via any of the methods listed on our Contact Us page. We’re always updating this page too, so any questions or feedback you have will allow us to provide a better and smoother experience going forwards.

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