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Sanctuary Bathrooms

Reinforced Acrylic Baths

Making baths from acrylic allows them to be shaped to suit all sorts of different styles of bathroom.

For added luxury why not choose a reinforced acrylic bath. Instead of the standard two layers that you get with most baths, reinforced models use three or more layers to achieve greater rigidity and heat retention. The end result is that you can enjoy longer bathing sessions and you're less likely to ever have a problem.

Among the reinforced baths that are supplied by Sanctuary Bathrooms are models that are made using the Carronite manufacturing process. These have three layers which enables the bath to retain heat far better than a normal model. It takes 30 minutes longer for the water in a Carronite bath to drop in temperature from 55 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees than it does in a standard bath.

The material is also demonstrably stronger than normal baths. It's heavier too, which requires Carronite baths to be fitted using a special leg system which is supplied. Together with the inherently stronger material, the fitting system ensures that these baths have exceptional rigidity and are very unlikely to have issues due to flexing in use.

Other reinforced baths supplied by Sanctuary Bathrooms include the Armour Plus system which employs four layers. An Armour Plus bath is designed to guard against impacts as well as flexing, which ensures that it should last for a lifetime.

If you'd like to discuss any of the reinforced baths that are supplied by Sanctuary Bathrooms, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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