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Sanctuary Bathrooms

Hotel Style Bathrooms

Making a splash with hotel style bathrooms

The humble bathroom has often been one of the more neglected parts of the home: a quick shower or bath, brush your teeth, and you’re done, and out of there. Why bother with sprucing it up?

But as increasing numbers of discerning people are finding, it's no longer sufficient just to have luxury elsewhere in the home. Going from a well-appointed living room or sumptuous bedroom to the bathroom need not be a Spartan shock. It should be a seamless transition to a similarly luxurious space.

As more of us take affordable and frequent city breaks around Europe and the rest of the world, we're getting used to a level of innate comfort we just don't want to leave behind once we check out and go back home. No, we want to create the entire experience for ourselves, including with a hotel style bathroom that looks and feels amazing and sometimes includes the brands we see while away.

This is what is driving the current trend, or fashion, of transforming bathrooms into the home from dreary, largely forgotten places to rooms you'll want to linger in luxury, for men and women. The look can simply be achieved by installing spectacular freestanding baths that act as the room's centrepiece and practically invite you to jump in and have an indulgent soak.

Also on trend in the bathroom now is the glorious experience of turning it into a wet room. The flooring is slightly altered so all the water runs down to one central drain, and the edges are sealed off against damp. A large glass panel can be installed to protect other areas against shower spray – such as the sink and all the toiletries there. But that isn't usually necessary and suspended shower curtains tucked to the side can be used instead and pulled out as necessary.

Now, there's no need to go thrashing about in a tiny shower cubicle, straining and reaching for shampoo and shower gel, and bashing your arms off the sides, when you can shower at ease and truly enjoy the experience (along with getting rid of a shower that dribbles and installing a real power shower).

The final touches to a remodelled bathroom in the style of superior hotels are luxury towelling, soaps and other high-quality cleansing and skincare products laid out in various areas to dress it right up. You'll never have to check out of a brilliant hotel again feeling like you're returning home to a dull old bathroom.

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