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Walk in Shower Enclosure or Walk in Shower, What’s the Difference?

Posted on Tuesday 8th November 2011 by James Roberts

Actually why stop at walk in shower enclosures when there are walk in showers, walk in shower cabinets , walk in shower cubicles and probably many more permutations and combinations of these words.

If truth be told, I too found this a tad confusing. How can a walk in shower enclosure be the same as a walk in shower? They seem to describe two different things.  Call me silly but I expect a shower with my walk in shower, but don’t have the same expectation with a walk in shower enclosure. Hmmm.

Now to answer the original title question – walk in shower enclosure or walk in shower, what’s the difference?

The answer is, they are all the same and just to be clear, a ‘walk in shower’  is the abbreviated term for a walk in shower enclosure.

Now aren’t you glad I cleared that up.

So, what is a walk in shower enclosure?

A walk in shower enclosure is essentially a cabinet that encases your shower. It  features a door enabling you to walk through, is constructed from glass panels, normally toughened glass and these glass panels are fastened on to a shower tray which houses the waste or drainage system for the shower.

The advantages of a walk in shower are:-

  • They add style to your bathroom, giving your shower the presentation it deserves
  • Can be purchased in various sizes to accommodate your bathroom needs
  • They are convenient, more than one person can use the bathroom at a time
  • Protect your bathroom floor

A word of note, although the shower trays are of limited height, for those people of limited or restricted mobility it may be a good idea to look at creating a wet room effect. That is, instead of having the shower tray, the panels of the walk in shower enclosure would be fitted all the way to the tiled floor thereby eliminating any restrictions when accessing the shower.

As you would expect, there are various styles to select from and a myriad of sizes, ranging from single glass panels to triple sided shower enclosures, frameless to framed enclosures and a whole host of styles in-between but before you press the button and purchase one, a couple of points to ponder:-

A few points to consider when purchasing a walk in shower enclosure for your bathroom:

  • the size of your bathroom, obvious but essential
  • whether or not the shower enclosure is to be accessed via both sides or one particular side, this will determine the number of panels needed to complete the enclosure
  • whether or not the walk in shower enclosure is to be fitted within a recess within the bathroom


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