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Space Saving Bath Screens

Posted on Friday 11th February 2011 by James Roberts

Adding a shower above your bath is an excellent way to add a shower if you don’t have the space for a separate one. Showers are popular as they are quicker than having a bath and can reduce the amount of water you use.

However, some people are not keen on having a shower curtain, whether for practical purposes or because it doesn’t fit in with the sleek style of their bathroom. In these instances, a bath screen might be the ideal solution.

Bath screens come in a range of types. From the straight forward screen fixed to the side of the bath, to a folding door with one or more hinged sections. The folding doors fold away and nestle at the wall end of the bath but extend out to provide a screen covering most of the bath, ensuring water from the shower does not extend further than the screen.

Other bath screen options include a hinged screen that is hinged at the wall and folds against the wall when not in use, allowing you to bathe as normal with no screen in the way. Sliding doors are like a fixed screen but with an extra panel that slides out from this to enable the screen to cover a larger area when in use. For those that really enjoy their showers, full surround bath screens cover all open walls of the bath to provide an enclosure similar to a standalone shower unit.

The range of options means that there is an option that should suit you. If, however, you still prefer the space of a purpose built shower enclosure, then there is another option that truly is the best of both. A shower bath is a bath that is larger at the end where the shower head is located. They come in a range of styles to suit your taste, including contemporary styles with attractive curved screens.

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